Mulberry patent bayswater in Fuchsia

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag in real life? Curious about whether it is more on the red or the pink side? I just spotted it on the Mulberry website and it looks fantastic... I saw the black one in a shop today and it looked pretty great too, but now I'm completely obsessed with the fuchsia one!!! :heart:
  2. I've seen it in real life. It's a true fuschia. Raspberry pink, not red, not baby pink. It will stop traffic.
  3. I just went on the website to see it - the picture has so much "glare" to it - that it's impossible to see the color.../ I was also looking at the Bayswater in Magenta... Have you seen both? I LOVE those colors - what is your "take" on them. Wondering if the Magenta would be more multi season friendly than the patent? (I'm NOT a huge fan of patent)
    Wondering about color comparison? HELP?? Thanks!!
    Also, don't know about the $$ translation... how much are they in US dollars?

  4. Still haven't seen either of the bags in real life because they don't have them yet at the Mulberry shop here... Can't wait though! I guess patent is sort of the thing this season but I agree the Magenta one would probably be more of a classic + I think the leather would age much more nicely!
    495 = 980 US dollars, 595 = 1180
  5. The Magenta one looks richer, I have seen it too. It's deeper than the Fuschia. More...sophisticated, I think. Plus, you don't have any of the inherent difficulties that come along with patent leather.

    (Patent leather tends to be a victim of color transfer and weird scuff issues)
  6. !!! Must see this!
  7. omg! these magenta and fuchsia bags are TDF!!!!!!!!! But you're right about patina - unless it's your style, i think leather one would be more versatile and less "screamy" i think the colour alone is enough to attract attention.