Mulberry Paris (warning long story)


Jul 19, 2008
I am back after some lovely days in Paris. It was my first time there, so not really sure what to expect.
First impression was that it is a BIG city; it was lots of walking when you were just going from shop to shop. I am used to wear heels, but after days in Paris my feet are killing me. Now I understand why all other tourists wear sensible shoes! I had several people stopping me and ask for direction, and I guess it was because of the shoes, they never guessed that I was not one of the locales. One British girl, who ask me for the direction to G Lafayette, which I luckily could tell her, since I just came from that store, even told me that my English was very good……guess it is compare to most of the French people. LOL

Second impression was that most stuff was expensive compare to the same thing in London. I was not planning to buy anything in the Mulberry store, but the girl there was so nice and sweet, and was trying her very best to speak English, so I just had to get something.
I was thinking of a little pouch, but in the end this is what I bought!

And this is what I got for free!!!

Unfortunately I did not open the envelope that included a 50€ voucher before I got home. So if anybody could use it, please PM me, and I will send it to you. If I understand it correct, you gets 50€ off, when you spend over 150€. It has to be used in the Mulberry store at Rue St Honorè (Paris), and it last until 19 June. And it has to be used together with a full price item.

At our last night we went down to the Alma place and sat outside a restaurant with some wine and were watching the lightshow at the Eiffel tower (like tourists do ;)) . When I was paying for the wine it cost 27€ and I gave him two €20 notes. And got back 23€!! I called him back and told him that he had given me too much, and it turned out that he thought that I had given him a 50 note. He said lots of thanks for me being honest, and after a few minutes he came back with new glasses of wine to all 4 of us, as extra thanks!! We were really surprised, and I tell you, that would never have happen in Norway. A nice end of our Paris trip!! :yahoo:


Jan 1, 2010
The perfect holiday lillan. Love the OL pattern too, that little heart purse is cute.
Be nice to your poor sore feet for the next few days.


May 11, 2007
Sounds like you had a fabulous time, I love Paris.
I admire you for walking so far in heels, I can just about make it out the front door in mine.
Your little coin purse is so lovely, its tempting me!


Nov 4, 2009
J'adore Paris (!) (and Galleries La Fayette even more)! Glad you had a good time and came home with a little beauty


May 21, 2009
Such a cute purse!
And it's always a good sign that your feet hurt, means you've walked and seen a lot :biggrin:


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
Sounds like you had such a great trip. Its even nicer buying something when you are away, as you will remember where you purchased it, everytime you use it.

Congrats, is sooo cute! :smile: