Mulberry Oxford

  1. Hi,

    Does anybody know anybody who owns a Oxford?? Might buy one but never actually seen one just photos.

  2. not me, sorry!
  3. I got a Nappa Oxford. It is so soft and large. I have not used it yet since I tried to hide it from my husband and now I cannot find it myself. I cannot wait to use it.
  4. OMG :lol: now you cannot find it yourself???
  5. I spent 30 minutes to look for it this morning but no luck. I hid it under the bed with my green smithson (is it the name?) and snakeskin Emmy, I found the other two, but not the Oxford, which I wanted to use today. I heard my husband was cleaning the bedroom yesterday and I have to challege him tonight. :hysteric:

  6. Hope you find it !!! I like a good challenge!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::boxing::boxing:

  7. Love it! That's the kind of thing I do!!! :nuts:
    Hope you find it soon...... :lol:

  8. You are SO in the right forum!! I found my Phoebe yesterday :lol: It's not that I'd lost it (I knew it was in the spare room somewhere) but the box was buried amongst a load of Christmas presents and I found it as I was sorting through them :yahoo: I think I'll unveil her during the Christmas sales :yes:
  9. Good thinking Dita! I've just done that really sneaky thing - bought a fab picture in Bath this morning which I'm going to 'give' to my DH & sons as an extra joint 'present'!! Great plan or what?!
    Also did some Mulberry watching while waiting for the park & ride and spotted a really lovely cream Wilton being carried by a blonde with dark jeans tucked into black long boots. All looked fantastic. Haven't seen the cream before, it was so stylish.
  10. There is just too much temptation around!!! And at this time of year,the excuses for buying just get ridiculous!!! So glad its not just me!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I am weak. I asked my husband whether he saw a dustbag under the bed, and he asked me back "what is in the dustbag?" I decided not to pursue my question further. It is got to be somewhere in the bedroom and I WILL FIND IT! :lol:
  12. I feel guilty about hiding my bags from my husband, but I feel even more guilty of tell him about the purchases.

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:^^^^^ita
  14. Dear NYCBV, if and when you find it, pls. post pics. And by the way, you're not alone in hiding things. I think every woman needs a great old armoire with a lock - for hiding pressies, chocolate and well, yes, handbags:graucho:.

    Eviemarie, the leather of the Oxford is slightly thicker than that of Araline, not quite as soft and supple, but then again Araline is supposed to slouch and the Oxford to stand up on its own (does it, NYCBV?)
  15. Actually the Nappa Oxford I bought is very soft and can be folded very easily, although it does stand up on its own. I need to study it more carefully and will report back.