Mulberry owners !!!

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  1. I am back from my L.A. trip with my brand new "Mulberry Roxanne (oak) in tow - I am mad for this bag! It is stunning and attracts a great deal of attentionl - I want to hear from other owners as to how to keep the darwin leather looking it's best - Please and thank you.
  2. I just got an oak Mulberry Roxanne in darwin leather. There was a card that came with the bag that says, "We advise you to regularly treat your bag with the recommended Collonil Waterstop spray, which will assist in preserving the natrual characteristics of this unique leather." In another thread someone said they found Collonil Waterstop at 800-720-0572
  3. We were just discussing this in another thread, I've been wearing my bag for two weeks now and have not been too careful with it (except for rain) and feel that any wear will just add to the look of the bag. It's getting softer the longer I wear it. I really love the darwin leather.
  4. I had a Mulberry roxanne too. I put apple leather conditioner to moisturise my bag once every 6month and spray it with leather protector.

    you can find the product at
  5. I called Collonil - the girl was really weird,:weird: she said any leather spray would do, they were really all the same - so I DID get another product - but I just use a little leather moisturizer on it for scratches and it works beautifully!!! It does get better with use!
  6. Thanks for the info, SuzyZ!!!:P
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