Mulberry overload

  1. Is it just me, or is Mulberry's new collection overflowing with gorgeous bags? :drool: There are some fab colours and styles out there, and I just don't know where to start! I know a lot of the bags I've seen in store aren't on the Mulberry website yet, so not everyone will have seen all the new stuff, but has anyone else been to the shops and already mentally spent two months' wages?!!
  2. yup. LOVE the fuchsia
  3. Me too I love the fushia too:drool:. And the simple design of the bags means the colour isn't too much. I'm popping into the York outlet tomorrow for my 9th anniversary present and hoping i can pick up something lovely. I am supposed to be on a ban but the 9th anniversary one is for gifts of leather ( i checked :graucho:)

    will let you know what i get.
  4. Such great new items! I want them all. :heart:

    Was thinking of buying myself one of those pretty wallets as a Christmas gift.
  5. Now there's a good reason to get married!!! :o)
  6. Yes! I love Mulberry, and have you noticed that Eva Longoria has many of these bags. She has been in several photos with a few different Mulberry's.