Mulberry Outlet in Ireland

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  1. Just reading this months IMAGE magazine and on page 195 there is a full page advertisement about Kildare Outlet Village in Ireland.This outlet store has been there for years and mulberry must be moving in. There is a picture of an oak bayswater!!!! Could mulberry love or anyone else who knows please comment.
  2. I just had a look at the website and it's the same design as the Bicester site so I guess the village is owned by the same group :tup: Fingers crossed you get a Mulberry there :yes: I'll have to tell calgal - she'll be so happy:yahoo:
  3. OMG :yahoo:

    Cannot believe it!!!!!!

    Wonder when it will open? I'm am going to ring the Kildare outlet tomorrow!

    Will report back :yes:

  4. OMG - didn't even have time to PM you in the other place, you must have a Mulberry-radar :lol:

    ETA sign up for their VIP club now. If it's anything like the Bicester one, it will give an extra 10% off :yes:
  5. Thanks,fingers crossed!!!
  6. Well......i rang today and they haven't heard anything about it :crybaby:
  7. I sent a pm to Mulberry London and she said they were not setting up in Kildare. I think it's false advertising putting a lovely mulberry bag on a table suggesting it can be bought there!!!!!!!!!
  8. Curses, foiled! :smile:

    The only place in Ireland that I've seen Mulberry bags is in Brown Thomas in Dublin. And their selection isn't exactly expansive.