Mulberry out and about

  1. Mr GiW and I went into town today and I spotted two Mulberry bags - an oak Rosemary which looked genuine and an oak Roxanne which I wasn't able to get close enough to check. He gets very embarrassed because I stalk people to get a closer look at their bag. Is it just me that does this? Have you seen any Mulberries whilst out and about?
  2. Hahahaha!!! I think all of us on here do a bit of bag stalking when we're out and about,I do certainly!!!
  3. A few months ago I was at the Bicester outlet village and stopped the car to let a lady cross the road in the car park. It had nothing to do with being polite, I wanted a closer, longer look at her bayswater :roflmfao:
  4. I'm always checking out people's bags! There's a great cafe in Milsom St in Bath and I often sit in the window with a coffee and watch the Mulberry bags go by!
    Mulberry is pretty popular around here and I can bank on seeing around half a dozen bags each time. Annie, Phoebe, Emmy & Roxanne are particularly popular.
    Saw a woman in Nice airport carrying an oak Phoebe and that sold me on getting one altho mine's olive green.
  5. Yep , I`m afraid I`m number one bag stalker !! I check everyones bag out whilst i`m out and about , has to be done !!!
  6. Yep, I do bag-stalking aswell :shame: Mulberry is somewhat popular here too - mostly I see people with Bayswaters and Elgins, but occasionally also an Annie, Emmy or Roxanne. The messengers are also fairly popular.
    It seems that Mulberry is getting increasingly popular with younger women here, but hopefully they won't be everywhere anytime soon :s
  7. I confess to be a bag "gauker" as well - but here in the US - very very few Mulberrys. As a matter of fact, have yet to see anyone carry one. I suppose being in conservative DC has something to do with it......I know I'll get excited when I have my first Mulberry "sighting"!
  8. Yup I'ma bag stalker too! saw a woman with a ginger Annie in Cambridge a few weeks ago. It looked fantastic with her brown coat!
  9. Did a lot of stalking last weekend. Spotted an Araline like mine at Dublin airport. The owner had it stretched out between the handles of her baby's stroller (+ it was probably quite full) so it looked bigger than mine....not a good way to treat your Mulberry!! The woman in question shared my taste in other aspects as well, her baby girl had a Boden top. I also spotted a black Araline, can't recall having seen that colourway before....?
  10. I'm sure there's not a single member here not guilty of the bag gorping! I CONFESS! Even my hubby does it now too. :roflmfao:

  11. That poor Araline. My handles have stretched slightly from use so heaven only knows what that woman's will be like if she's hung them over a pushchair!
    I have seen a black Araline - think it had brown on the underside of the tassels if I remember correctly.
  12. I've got a black Araline and yes the tassles are brown on the underside and the bag has brown stitching.