Mulberry or Burberry

  1. Hi i'd like to hear people's opinions on which they bags they prefer from designers Mulberry or Burberry?
  2. I prefer Burberry. Don't have any Mulberry as I've heard too many quality probs. Plus, Burberry has a much longer pedigree, even though it's easy to think of Mulberry as a very old, established label.

  3. Exactly why I'd choose Burberry as well.
  4. Burberry!
  5. Depends on what I am looking for...I like them both and think they are very different. I would ultimately probably choose Burberry too. I have had a few Burberry bags, and have found them to be excellent quality, especially the leather bags. I have found Mulberrys to be too heavy for me to carry comfortably on a daily basis.
  6. Burberry for sure!
  7. Burberry. I've haven't seen too many Mulberry bags that I really love.
  8. Burberry!
  9. Burberry, I like the styles more.
  10. I like both...but have heard god things about Burberry durability
  11. I love the style of Burberry so much more. I don't own any yet, but have considered buying one, and I probably will get her (or at least another Burberry) eventually.
  12. I prefer Mulberry... But I really love both...
  13. I think the design, style is more important than what the brand is.

    The only Burberry bag that interests me till now is the 2008 Metal Studded Warrior Bag. I still adore the details gone into the bag. I like the light cream



    & the beautiful light beige croc,


    I do like a few Mulberry designs but only Mulberry Bayswater appeals to me most because of its capacity. Between the 2, Burberry Metal Studded Warrior wins. It's unique, imho.
  14. I love Mulberry, it's my favourite bag designer, Burberry wouldn't even be in my top ten, besides here in the UK it has Chav connotations so there is definitely no Burberry Checks in my closet. Mulberry does have the same designs year in and year out which have stood the test of time plus it brings out new styles every season and a selection of new colours. I have had Mulberry problems with two bags, both were Made In Turkey so now I am super-careful to make sure all my new Mulberry's are always Made In England
  15. Thanks for sharing your info. Just curious to know was it minor bag issues or was it something that prevented you from being able to use the bag? Hopefully you were able to have them fixed. I'll try keep that in mind about where they are made.