mulberry online

  1. hi all just a quick one, if i was to buy a mulberry bag direct from the mulberry website what kind of packaging do they come in, do they come in a mulberry box like dior and some other designers?
  2. The bag is shipped in the dust bag inside a plain brown cardboard box. No special Mulberry box. Unfortunately.
  3. I bought my Bays via phone from a store and she came packaged beautifully in a Mulberry box with a ribbon!! Did I just get lucky or what?? I mean you would have thought I was receiving a million dollar bag!!
  4. My Emmy came in a dark brown Mulberry box inside the cardboard shipping box :yes:

    I would imagine that they normally don't bother with the Mulberry box if you buy during the sale (as per Net a Porter). But if you're buying something full price, they should send you a box.

    Email to ask about it if you're bothered.
  5. It says on the website:
    "All accessories will arrive in luxurious Mulberry gift boxes, and most leather items will include a soft material care bag to ensure protection during travel and care during storage."

  6. "accessories" could just mean the keyrings, wallets, belts etc - I know that the little items definitely come in boxes. However, I've had several handbags that haven't been boxed - I've assumed it was due to them being sale purchases.
  7. My bag came in a dustbag and a mulberry box
  8. All of mine came in what looked like a large shoe box, nothing special!!

    Maybe it was because 2 were sale and 1 outlet??
  9. got a lemon emmy from online today and it came in a lovely mulberry gift box!!!
  10. Wow, where did you get it from bag*mad*bags? I haven't seen a lemon Emmy anywhere recently apart from at the outlets!
  11. The only item I received in a burgundy box with a Mulberry ribbon was my purse, but I telephoned Bond St store for that and paid full price. None of my bags have been in a box though, apart from Annie I've bought them in person from the stores. Annie was just in a dustbag in a big cardboard box for delivery.

    You had a bargain there it seems, I don't think I've ever seen an Emmy for £170 :woohoo:
  12. :yahoo:

    i got it from eBay, the lady got it from
    i recently got burnt with a fake and i was so worried about this bag, however it is truely beautiful and i have noticed very important differences with the bag against the fake.
    it came in a beautiful dark brown box with mulberry on the outside, it has a magnetic flap at the front to reveal on the box.

    the bag is brand new and never used, i couldnt believe my luck!

    i have posted it in the authenticate thread to be a 1000% sure its the real thing, im still waiting for someone to confirm its authenticity.
  13. Ahhh I see, congrats!!! I thought that there had been an online stockist I'd not heard of :upsidedown:
  14. 2 of mine have been on sale, and 1 from the outlet - they have all come in the dust bag inside a large cardboard box... no lovely box for me unfortunately :crybaby:

    My ledbury, which I bought last weekend just came in the dustbag and then the shop bag - but thats because I picked it up :yes:
  15. My Bayswater (not on sale) came packed in its dustbag inside a big giftbox with nice "tissue"paper around. All this inside an ordinary cardboard box. There´s a picture of the bag on top of the box in the photoreference thread.

    Effie bought on the Christmas sale came in a dustbag in an ordinary (smashed!) cardboard box.