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  1. There's quite a lot left online, isn't there? I'm hoping for further reductions!
  2. Blue mabel was out of stock yesterday and its back in stock now...went to SCP Mulberry to have a lil stroke of the mabel and its 416 there as well
  3. I didn't really want (or need) anything from the sale but I went back and got the Oak Dachselhund keyring. I think it's so cute, we always had Dachselhunds when I was growing up and now I can't wait for it to arrive.
  4. Luckily, anything I seem to have been tempted by is out of stock - I'm not looking anymore! I can't really afford to get anything at the moment anyway.
  5. I'm all bagged out too. I'm glad I didn't jump & buy the small Morgan from the online sale as I would have ended up sending it back.
  6. Did you look at a Morgan and not like???
  7. ^^Yes I did. I saw it yesterday & it was just too casual for me. It looked a bit unfinished in the way the seams were sewn. It's quite unstructured, definitely not as substantial as I thought it would be. I felt it wouldn't hold its shape well with things inside.
  8. I just recived notice from Mulberry that they ship my bags now. So excited.

    Can't wait for my large Bays to arrive. I will go to Stockholm on the 7th January so it would be so great if I got the bag before so I could use it then.

    And I am waiting eagerly to see how the Morgan is. I have looked at it on Jules b, and I liked what I saw in those pics, so keep your fingers crosses I wont have to return it.
  9. Me 2 and then I had a second email to say they reduced my delivery charge as well...yay!

    Salikons - Keeping my fingers crossed for u!
  10. Got the email too!!! Looks like Mabel is coming to live with me after all!!! :smile:
  11. I haven't had a despatch note yet :crybaby: I was expecting one today. I hope my bag comes tomorrow :tup:
  12. Can't wait to see all these new bags! Lots of piccies to look forward to.
  13. Neither have I and my order was placed at 9.10am on Christmas Day.
  14. Why don't you email them to ask about it? Or phone. If it is your first online order it takes longer because of credit card check.
  15. So ladies, expecting a lot of pictures the coming days!!
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