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  1. Congrats everyone! Can't wait to see pictures!
  2. Thank you so much for the answer, pursecrzy!

    Yes, the VAT is indeed included. I thought I can get a lower price out of the already low amount.:smile:


  3. :heart:Thats lovely B&C-daughters are well trained!
  4. Here is the scarf that I got at HOF yesterday for £24.00!

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  5. Bagcrazy, that is so fab :tup:

    Well i bought the fuschia mabel last night :yahoo:soooooo excited and can't wait for it to arrive!!
  6. Morgan, that's a lovely scarf. It would go very well with the orange Mabel :yes:

    So, have there been any further price reductions online? I've had a quick check but can't see anything yet :shrugs:
  7. Nothing online so hit the streets today, only looking at Mulberry and in particular E/W Bays on Choc or Poppy bag in Black. Started off in Selfridges, HOF and John Lewis in Oxford St, then Fenwick and Mulberry in Bond St, then Harrods, HN and Mulberry Bromton Rd. Nothing in the E/W Bays front and the only poppys were small and large in choc though I did buy a nice black goatskin purse in HOF.

    So headed up the M40 to Bicester, only me and a hundred thousand others there :rolleyes:. In the Mulberry outlet they had nothing other than the usual congo E/W Bays in Choc but they did have the large black poppy bag and the poppy satchel both in black softgrain leather. Decided the satchel was more me and will go well with the black leather jacket I wear a lot. Good price too with the extra 20% off so down from £595 to £237 :tup:

    Also the collonil spray was reduced by 20% also so paid £4.80 instead of £6.

    I was quite tired by the time I got home but delighted with my purchases.:heart:
  8. Don't be such a tease--give us pics!
  9. Maybe someone has already posted this. I went to Harrods yesterday and they have many letter charms in 3 colour, black (patent leather), read and brown. They are around 13 quid each (reduced from 45!!)
  10. Thanks for the report Totegirl, I was considering going to London tomorrow (quicker to get to than an outlet) I'll scratch Mulberry, Brompton Road off my list of places I want to visit.
  11. My memory has gone to mush and I struggle with knowing all the bag designs but generally speaking in the Dept stores there had loads of mabels in blues/pinks/oranges. Poppy in similar colour plus loads of choc poppy and bronze poppy. Somerset bags, roxy totes. Saw a few patent bays, the blue leopard for sure. Also morgan bags, saw several of those in black and choc. My overall impression was that I saw the same bags over and over in the sale. A bit more choice at the Mulberry shops but the outlet seemed to offer more styles and much better prices especially with the extra 20% off.

    No shimmies in the sale, the e/w looks nice but when I tried it on I found the base seemed to stick out at an awkward length for me.

    Anyway, I need a lie down to recover just thinking about yesterday!
  12. Wow Tote Girl, I'm not surprised that you need to lie down - that was some expedition!! I admire your dedication to the cause :tup:

    You got a great deal on your Poppy, congrats - hope you're loving her, and I bet it made it worth the trip!!

    And frangipani thanks for the report on the letters. I would have gone for an 'A' in the online sale, but they'd all sold out :crybaby:Great price though, and although I won't be near Harrods any time soon, it's def. given me hope to keep a look out more locally to me. Thanks!

  14. OMG that's a great deal you got on the Poppy satchel!! Well done! Wish I lived near an outlet!!! doh!