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  1. Thanks, darling. I've had the damn bag since the end of Oct. Wore it out for Christmas dinner yesterday. My first Mulberry...thanks to you gals!!!
    Very I got a bag charm to jazz it up a bit.
  2. Do orders made and shipped outside of UK pay VAT? Or will VAT be taken off the total charges?

    I am thinking of buying some stuff from the web sale..but no info. on VAT chargable for international orders.

    Anyone can help?

  3. Did not buy anything online, but I bought a scarf from Mulberry in HOF today. I needed a new scarf and wanted it in peach or a camel colour(paid £24).

    They had alot of the Somerset range reduced! They also had loads of the patent Roxanne A4 Tote.
  4. Didn't buy anything online but popped into Mulberry HoF today just to see what they had in their sale: lots of mini Mabels in orange, blue and fuchsia; mini Poppy's in choc; Zinias in black & choc; Maggies; lots of the Somerset range; various purses & keyrings; and black & choc printed leather E/W Bays (for only £276!).

    Nearly bought a purple Mabel purse but decided the silver hardware wouldn't go well with pebble Mabel's gold hardware. Also nearly bought the black printed E/W Bays but restrained myself and instead went home with only a small oak horse keyring and red 'M' keyring for my mother. I was a very good girl! :yes:
  5. I was tempted by the three large bays that were still in stock yesterday, but i told myself no way unless its the mink. I'll just hope one resurfaces somewhere sometime later, or someone posts it on eBay, which is possibly unlikely! thanks for keeping an eye out skyqueen dear!

    congrats to everyone who did get something! :}
  6. Congrats everyone with your purchases! I did not buy anything in the sale, because I bought way too many bags the last couple of months.

    However, there was a little Mulberry item under the Christmas tree for me:
    My 16 year old daughter Lisa opened an eBay and Paypal account on her own (without my knowledge) and surfed eBay looking for a present for me. She amazed me by having done this, but also because she was so sensible to search for a seller that sold the genuine articles. She bought me this lovely congo keyring from a reputable seller. Don't I have a wonderful daughter?:heart:

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  7. ^^^Awww ... that's so sweet.

    Also very smart of her to 'search for a seller that sold the genuine articles' :supacool:
  8. aw that's too cute of her!
  9. Aww that's beautiful you are a lucky girl :tup:
  10. Bagcrazy - is she now a TPF member? That would be so nice, just like me and Krisluvspurses. Except, its kind of hard to keep secrets.;)
  11. well I still managed to find something.. :yahoo: I finally ordered my long sought after chocolate bayswater! Now I can't wait to get it, bummer with all the holidays delaying the deliverance :cursing:

    Kind of interesting that the bays i almost £150 more in the mulberry store in sweden than att

  12. You pay the VAT.

  13. Last year the price of the bag I ordered dropped after the pre-sale ended ( It was 30% off in the pre-sale and dropped to 50% off when the regular sale started)

    I emailed customer service explaining what happened and asked if they would honour the new price. They did and refunded the difference to my credit card.

    IMO it's better to buy during the pre-sale to get the bag you want and watch the price when the regular sale starts to see if it drops.
  14. when will the regular sale start+
  15. That's one of the sweetest presents to be had:smile: You have a wonderful daughter. The keyring is beautiful!:smile:


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