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  1. Got the same email, checked website but the prices don't seem to have changed...???
  2. I think the larger Maggie is cheaper now at 347 or something similar (it was 405 iirc), but I cannot see any other changes!
  3. Me neither. I checked but most prices seem to be the same as earlier today.
  4. Oh, thank goodness. I'm not the only one wondering about this. Not that I'm looking for another Mulberry or anything...right?
  5. But there's something different.... The Jaquetta is in the sale at £339 although status as "coming soon" wonder what more might pop up?
  6. Interesting - I kind of wondered when they reduced the prices the other day they were suppose to send the email out sooner than they did.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if Mulberry sent us (tpfrs) a discount code on all their everyday bags as a thank you for all our promotion and custom over the years? I'm thinking at least 30% on any of their oak, choc or black bags!!
  7. That would be so great!!
  8. I am pretty sure that they are! What cheek.
  9. Maybe they sent the email out too soon and they haven't reduced them yet? Well, we can hope, can't we.
  10. so tempted now by a Maggie at half price lol! Trouble is I love the Green AND the raspberry! ;)
  11. The letters are 70% off, I don't know what they were before?
  12. Someone very lovely managed to fish me out the last lone letter J in amongst the X's Y's and Q's that were left in the shop. Red Goatskin on my black bays. My only sale purchase so far!:yahoo:

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  13. ^^ notice she says " so far " :yahoo:

    Love the red J against the black bays !!
  14. :graucho: ^^ give me another 24 hours!

    Am so pleased with red, it was originally black patent I was after, but the red really won me over on the black bays, am rediscovering how much I love black bays too!
  15. The red looks really nice on the black Bays (which I'd deffo have a buyer for if you ever decided to sell :P :lol: )

    Ooooh, are you planning another purchase, then? :graucho:
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