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  1. I think the colour is much more attractive than what you see on the Mulberry website.
  2. ^^^I do too, its a lovely colour which is not shown at its best on the website.
  3. Gorgeous Jenova! Congrats!
  4. Fellow Mulberry lovers- I feel the need to rant a bit and think only you girls can understand-

    My order was placed on 25th Dec. at 9:52am. I got 2 confirmation letter stating the order was received and processed right after that. On 30th Dec. in reply to my request of the order status, I was told in the email that my order would be dispatched on that day. In the mean time I also spoke on the phone with customer service and they reassured me as long as I have 2 emails with one starting with reference No. 1 and another starts with 2 I will definately get my order. My account page also shows the items were dispatched.

    Today, I email mail-order once again since I have not gotten any UPS tracking number emails nor received the goods, as was worried it got lost in the post. But in the reply email, I was told they are unable to fulfill my order of the shoes, but will dispatch the bag, without asking me if that is okay first. Worse is- I went back to the Mulberry website, and they have the shoes in stock again online in the size I ordered! I really don't understand and after all these waiting time, I must say the disappointing experience is making me a bit :cursing: This is my first experience shopping with the Mulberry online mail-order, has this happen before or just my bad luck???
  5. That is terrible and I would be so frustrated if it happened to me. What are you going to do - contact them again to complain and insist that they send the shoes for no extra shipping charge? I would try to get a % off too for inconvenience?!
  6. Best you can do is phone them, that makes it a bit more personal! Gillian Pitcher is always a great help!
  7. Hi Kat
    No It hasn't arrived yet, it is sheduled to the 9 th according to UPS.
    Si I still waits eagerly by the mail in case it should be arriving earlier...

  8. Your R looks perfect with the leopard bag - lovely effect.
  9. #220 Jan 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2009
    Here is the key ring/charm
  10. I really like that if they would reduce them a bit more.
  11. My large green Somerset tote arrived today. It even came with the Mulberry box (3rd Mulberry, 1st box)!
  12. Yes my Mabel had a lovely brown box with a foldover lid - first for me too.
  13. ooh pics please! that was the most tempting thing imo, but i resisted since i'm supposed to be banned...
  14. Got email that they reduced priced up to 70%.
    I'm just having troubles no see what they actually reduced.. they all look the same..
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