Mulberry online - excellent customer service

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  1. I ordered the Mulberry Bayswater from their online store on 1/1, it was shipped on 1/6 and came today 1/9. They were excellent to deal with sending great emails and no shipping charge. I sound like I'm giving ebay feedback but wanted you guys to know how great they were to deal with. Here is a pic of the bag....I love it.

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  2. That is good to know! The great thing about this forum is that people freely provide feedback about different stores, so that we can get the best service and best quality items (now it sounds like I'm leaving eBay feedback for Purse Blog, LOL).

    It is always nice to buy items directly from the designer - you always know you are getting the real deal!
  3. Beautiful, share the sellers name please.
  4. Thanks it is so beautiful and really a great bag for me as it's roomy and can take hard use...I think it's one I'll always use. BTW, it's directly from Mulberry's web site...they are the seller. I was nervous as I'd never ordered from them before and didn't know anyone who had. :nuts:
  5. That's such a nice purse, is that dark brown?
  6. Yup....really nice color & great leather...:lol:
  7. Do you plan on protecting it with kiwi spray or the collonil water spray? I heard those were good for the leather on mulberry.
  8. I never heard of anyone ordering directly from them either thats why I asked. Thanks.
  9. I did a search online to find the collonil water spray but I wonder if that is really necessary. Have you used any of that stuff! Can it be purchased in the States. I stopped by the Coach store today and was looking at their products and the sales clerk advised me against it which I thought was really nice of her.
  10. My only problem with the website is that I can't access it. Get a message saying the resolution on my screen is too low, but I need my screen set at the current resolution for certain work applications, so I can't change it. This is the only website that I've ever had that problem with.
  11. I haven't used that stuff. I know that the collonil is online and the kiwi I read is available in te states at Target I think. I just read on another forum that it protects the leather from rain and rainspots.
  12. I am not quite sure about that. That is so weird. I wish I could help you access the website.
  13. great looking bag Ginger.

    so good to know about the service from Mulberry direct.
  14. I have some issues seeing all the bag information, because my screen isn't large enough - there is no scroll!

    I guess they assume only people with large PC screens will want to buy their bags.
  15. How large does a screen need to be? Ours is 17" which is fairly standard...