Mulberry on sale in U.S., No tax, No shipping

  1. I've been looking for a new black Knightsbridge or Hanover bag, so I decided to call the newest Mulberry in the U.S. to see what sale items were in stock. Apparently, the Atlantic City store has a ton of stuff on sale, even items not listed on the Mulberry website. In black, however, they only have three items. Since the store didn't have what I was looking for, I'm passing this info along. I'm not sure what bags they have in other colors.

    These are the bags that were quoted:
    Black Bayswater $696.50
    Black Annie $599
    Black Zinia $206.50

    The SA, Louis, mentioned that he could waive the FedEx shipping charge. My order would also have been tax-free. Call him at 888-685-6850, ext. 120. I told him that a few of my "friends" might call, and he said that was fine.

    Please let me know if you hear of any other good prices! I only had him quote the black bags, but if another color is cheap enough, I may have to call him back.

    Happy shopping!
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. I called the Mulberry store to see what was left at that store. The bags are on the Mulberry website ( under Ladies Handbags and/or Sale.