Mulberry Olive Green vs. Apple Green?

  1. Hi I am considering to buy my second mulberry bag in green and was reseaching a little bit, found out there are actually 2 different green colors, olive green and apple green. Does anyone have pictures on both colors, or can explain them?
    I somehow managed to find a couple of picture on apple green, but they all seem different! HELP!!
  2. Just to confuse you more, there is khaki as well as olive and apple. Apple is quite a different colour to olive and khaki with those two colours being very, very similar. Apple is quite bright and can fade if left in direct sunlight to a yellowish colour.

    That's a page with apple green bag, hope it helps (just scroll down a bit).

    I love that color, it's absolutely awesome. Definitely go for it. It's so fresh and always much better than olive.

    One of the rules of cuteness in fashion is juicy colors.
  4. Perhaps not the best example to post, as I think the bag in the photo is fake, and the colour samples in one of the photos shown are also not accurate.
  5. Here's my Mulberry Euston in Olive Green. Not sure what Apple Green looks like, but it sounds kinda bright and horrible... :hrmm:

  6. FrankieP ----
    Your bag is gorgeous!

    Musez ------
    I think I like the olive if it looks anything like the obove bag.