Mulberry Oak

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  1. Hi all, not been round for ages. Just been browsing the mulberry purses and bags that are new with the gold sort of printed on writing. Not seen any in real life but the oak looks much darker online (more like brown) compared to the old bayswater and long locked, french oak purses. So for those of you who have seen them, are the photos online deceiving or are they darker in real life please?

    I only have a small collection of 1 bag and 3 purses but at the moment i much prefer the older looks of purses and bags with the plaques with tree on and the lighter oak colour.
  2. True.
    Coca's new oak is both darker & a "print-assisted" grain.
    Unlike classic nvt oak. Which is lighter color & natural grain.

    Also, new bags' hardware is different tone. Which, personally, I dislike.
    Especially dislike no tree.

    Hope helps.
  3. My mum went in to the shop with the intention of buying one of the new purses in oak and was very disappointed.

    She didn't dislike the colour but hated the leather, said it felt quite plasticky and cheap compared to her other mulberry purses.

    Also the medium size purses have no note slot! That's very weird.
  4. I saw the new oak in mulberry Leeds on Sunday. The colour is nice, quite rich. It certainly looked nicer than the oak lily they had which looked very pale and dry in comparison. But I think that was just a poor lily. But I don't like the leather, it does look like it has a plastic coating and what's wrong with natural grain all of a sudden?
  5. Pale nvt develops a rich honey tone if you treat it with moisturising may have been in store for some time and dried out..sadly i dont think the new leathers will react it such a way they are now too over processed when new
  6. To me, it is darker and more orange than nvt oak. I agree with the point made about the coating - I'm not a fan.
    The hardware is very yellow - like freshly polished brass. It's not gold in my eyes.

    I like the classic NVT and how it ages - I think it gets better with time and use.
    When I have talked to staff in the Mulberry stores, they comment that they don't know how the new leather will age and that we'll see in a year or so.
  7. thanks for replies. My next question was how does it age as i knew oak went darker. I ordered a purse in the harrods sale and i had an oak continental purse in my bag but then decided to buy other purse. Now i am gutted as it was a bargain and i have just seen a lady with one when out shopping and it looked lovely. SOOOOO sad. in hindsight i should have purchased and returned if i didn't like it. i think the leather on the new purses is not as nice and i agree it looks more orange Looks smoother inside too. i didn't realise there was no room for notes though. ~Maybe i just do not like change as i am getting older.
  8. Well, there's good change.
    As safety rails on bridges. And energy efficient appliances.
    And there's bad change.
    As soaking food with preservatives. And higher taxes.

    Coca's oak is a bad change, imo.
    Plus an entire list of more.
    But will stop there.;)
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  9. I do have an oak Bayswater which is about 4 years old and is a beautiful colour. I have used colonil gel and spray over the years. I just think it's a shame that a brand new bag looks like it needs treating before you've even used it, I just think it was a bad example.
  10. when I first got my oak NVT bayswater it looked a bit anaemic. However with time is has darkened to a lovely colour and looks gorgeous now with the patina. I don't think the new oak will do that. We will have to see how it ages.
    My other bayswaters that aren't NVT do not patina though as the leather is different/has been treated differently.
  11. I bought a preloved roxanne in darwin oak leather, and it must have been already seven or eight years old, but the leather is still amazing and smells fantastic. I also own a bayswater in nvt oak, which I love very much, too. Both age beautifully, and I think this is the signature quality that made mulberry famous. In a mulberry store I have seen the new bags, and they look more mainstream and less unique to me. I also prefer the older hardware. The newer is too yellow and looks cheaper and a bit bling-bling imo.
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  12. Spot on!!
  13. Ditto spot on..what made mulberry mulberry has been stripped away
  14. i agree, i will be happy with my small collection and regret all those ones that got away that i should have bought. why oh why did i let my head be sensible annd worry about spending that much at the time. like the oak bayswater in bicester years ago for £400 ish!