Mulberry nude thoughts

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  1. i am wanting a blenheim to use when i dont carry much i have seen the glove version in nude and coconut the ones with the tassels i am thinking the nude would stand up better to everyday usage the nude is a beige tone i would say -does anyone have this colour ? thoughts please xx:shrugs:
  2. I have the coconut with tassels which I love :heart: as it is not too white however I have not seen the nude one. I have not had a prob yet with the coconut re everyday useage... LOL - unsure whether this is a help!
  3. The nude is rather like a light peach colour. I'd say you'd need to see it IRL before buying as it's one of those shades you either love or hate.
  4. Um I just bought one in nude.....I swear I'm not copying your taste Bayley (it just seems a lot similar to mine sometimes!!!). I didn't like this bag in coconut as I wasn't keen on the colour of the embroidery, but I saw it in nude for the first time today and was struck by what a flexible colour it is. My bag is definitely more of a beige rather than a peach - though I am sure I've seen peachy toned nudes before (cripes doesn't that sounds rude.... :biggrin: ) so I wonder if there are different nude shades as there are different lavender shades? I really didn't like the nude colour I've seen before, it was too much like an undyed skintone, very odd.

    I honestly didn't mean to buy anything today at all! We went out for a hike in the country and it started snowing so we decided to go to Cheshire Oaks seeing as we were only 20 miles away. I felt like such a numpty walking into Mulberry in my Goretex jacket, waterproof trousers and hiking boots....luckily the sales assistant in there was as lovely to me as they always are. I didn't dare go into Burberry though, I was too intimidated!!!
  5. Did you buy the blenheim in nude goldfinch, or another style?
  6. The tasselled Blenheim :biggrin: I am soooo bad, I'm supposed to be saving money :shame:
  7. OOOOOh can you post some pics? I'd love to see a blenheim in this colour! The blenheim is my favourite bag at the moment!
  8. Love to see it too!!! I have been secretly drooling over the Raspberry glace one on ebay. Post pics!
  9. If the raspberry glace one is the one I think you mean Kroquet, then thats gorgeous!!

    I do wish mulberry would bring back the antique glace.
  10. must admit - i have been watching that raspberry glace blenheim one too on ebay. That one and the blue blenheim - the blenheim is my fav, everyday handbag as I am quite short so sits quite well... both gorgeous colours.. :drool:

    sorry for butting in!!!!
  11. No probs rascal, a fellow drooler is always welcome!!

    The raspberry is gorgeous, but still quite expensive for a second hand bag. I know the antique glace is not longer available, but still, a blenheim is retailing new at the outlets for £197 now (when they can be tracked down!).
  12. good heads up hulahoop - thanks!

    Gorgeous, unique bag though! Quite liking the look of the effie too, seems a similar style to the blenheim.
  13. Sure....I think that the tasselled bags look a lot different to the traditional Blenheims though. As I already have a Rosemary I couldn't really justify an ordinary Blenheim, but this looks a lot different :biggrin:

    Here is the Blenheim on its own (I have sharpened the picture so you can see the stitching detail more easily), and with the lavender Rosemary so you have a colour reference:

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  14. gorgeous golfinch! I agree the tasselled do look different. Love the lavendar colour on the rosemary!
  15. hey girls the nude i have seen is not as nice as the photo above and the inking i have seen is a totally different colour to the photo wish what i had seen was as nice as the above again didn't realise different shades existed well done on a lovely choice loving the rosemary too and your bays addition is a cute extra xx