Mulberry newbie here. waterproofing patent bags?

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  1. Hi all

    i've been browsing the forums the past week or two after a conversation with a friend convince me i NEEDED a mulberry bag haha

    since it seems to be all about the neutrals and ballet/rose pinks this spring/summer i figured i'd go for a pink bag (never had one before, its always been black/turquoise/red)

    i now have a beautiful pale pink patent mabel :smile: which i will add a picture of when i can
    its sortof crackled looking patent though the actual description finish and colour wise is escaping me (feel free to jump in and let me know)

    i've had trouble in the past with unprotected bags colour fading horribly when it rains, and we all know how often that seems to be in london

    so, my question is, do i need to waterproof it? or will the patent finish actually protect the bag too?
    as it has neutral coloured suede inside the outer pockets which shows on the corners with mabels so i did wonder about the need to protect that even if the actual bag itself doesnt need the extra

  2. i would collonil water stop the suede parts and then you are meant to use lack polish on patent bags, but to be honest most patent bags are waterproof.
  3. ok, thanks for that :smile:

    might drop by the mulberry shop near where i work and see if theres anywhere nearby that sells those

    heres that picture by the way haha

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  4. mulberry outlet Bicester had both there, they do mail order to!
    i put some lack polish on my patent wrinkled leopard purse and to be honest didnt make much difference! as its a light coloured bag maybe just do the suede parts?