mulberry newbie: bayswater vs mable

  1. hi...all mulberry lovers...i am new to mulberry...and i've loved bayswater in black for a long time...when i decided to buy it monthes ago...i found mulberry mable was very nice too...what do u guys think??? opinions are welcome!!!!
  2. Hi Amelia!!! I am also new to Mulberry and have just received a black Bayswater. Really love the bag, very classic and well made - not too dressy, either! I have not seen a Mabel IRL so I'm sure one of the other ladies who are experts will have info to share.

    IMO you can't go wrong with the Bayswater!!

    Welcome to our Mulberry forum - loads of fun around here!!

    Annie on the way!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  3. I love the black Bayswater, but the Mabel is so gorgeous! It's a really tough decision as the Bays is such a classic and the Mabel has the potential of becoming one imo - so really neither would be a risky choice, I think.

    Personally I think I would go with the Mabel - love that it is so lightweight, but then again I only say that because I already have a Bays (not black though, would really like one of those too :shame: )
    Ultimately, you could go for a Mabel in a more fun colour and get a black Bays later? That's probably what I would do...

    Sorry for rambling :biggrin: and remember to post your Mulberry buy in here when you have decided what to get!
  4. I have a black Bayswater but love the Mabel. I chose the Bayswater as I needed a bag that would be sturdy to carry heavier weight books and things but I would consider a Mabel as an every day bag just to carry my purse and bits and bobs.
  5. Hahahaha!! You could have asked an easier question for your introduction on here!!!!
    OOO,I have a paticular fondness for the Bayswateer,I have a baby pink one.Fab size and look,and its a real iconic Mulberry.It really is a fabulous bag!!
    I have looked at the Mabel,and if I had to choose between the two,it would be the Bays,I think because I know it better-also its size isn't an issue for me as I'm 5'6'',but I do know that some ladies on here actually own Mabels I don't,so I'd wait for their opinions too.They will be able to give you more of a low down!!xx
  6. Bayswater, definately. I like the mabel but the Bayswater is just so classic and beautiful and very versatile.
  7. Nope - 100 % Mabel its such a funky versatile bag can be mixed up alot more than bays !!

    Its just a matter of taste I love my mabel and think whatever other Mulberry bags I buy this will always be my favourite bag :heart:..
  8. Hmmmm, well I like the mabel a lot, and would definately consider one at some point. I recently got a bayswater, and have loved using it so far. Was expecting to mainly use it when I need to be smarter, but it dresses down really well. :tup:

    What I love about both bags is that they are very understated, and not at all 'try hard'. I think you really have to go and try them both on. You will definately get a sense of which one feels more you. Buy that one............

    Then get a different colour in the other style for your birthday. Marvellous. Job done. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. :party:^^^^ That's right - don't worry and just buy each! Then you don't have to stress over making a decision!!!

    Decisions like that give me such a headache!!!!;)
  10. Poor girl she`s only just joined us and you are off already :p

    Don`t listen to them you will end up with 20 bags and need councilling:busted
  11. And your point is........? :p
  12. Hahahaha!!!:roflmfao:
  13. You might have money to burn but not everyone else has :p:nuts::p
  14. I guess they are both going to be around for a long while, so get one now and save for the other?
  15. Tara, aren't bags cheaper than therapy????:s

    How many bags have you bought lately????:roflmfao::roflmfao: