Mulberry New Years resolutions

  1. Mine :

    1) I will not be seduced by a good deal unless it's a bag I wanted before the deal presented itself.
    2) I will only buy a bag if I love it and have seen it in real life and am going to use it.
    3) I will collonil my bags regularly.
    4) I will use my existing Mulberry bags more- that's why I bought them!
    5) I will not buy anything until the meet in May!!!!

    What about you......................???:wlae:
  2. I will not eat chocolate & I will swim 4 times a week - oh, you mean bag resolutions!

    OK, here's mine....
    1. I will NOT impulse buy.
    2. I will not go to Shepton Mallet when I'm bored & should be working.
    3. I will sell olive Phoebe if I don't use her in the next 6 weeks.
    4. I won't buy any more bags until the May meet.
  3. I will resolve NOT to make a New Year resolution!!! hehehe
  4. I will purchase a Mulberry in 2008.
  5. 1. I will not buy more than 2 bags this year (and neither of them should be impulse buys)
    2. I will not buy any non-returnable bags (ie from outlets) unless I have tried them out first IRL
    3. I will not impulse buy, no matter how good the deal. I will consider my decision for a week and if the deal is not still around, it wasn't for me.
    4. I will buy a wallet that I love :heart: and try not to let my decision be swayed by the fact I could get a bag (that I don't need) for that price :rolleyes:

  6. Ha, ha! Now that's a resolution I could stick to! :lol:
  7. By the way, great thread topic, Jo. We should make this a sticky to remind us not to break our Mulberry Resolutions.

    Can't wait to see Chaz's resolutions :lol:
  8. ^^^^^^ No kidding!!! Where are you Chaz?
  9. Ditab - I need to adopt your one about not buying from the outlets without having seen the bag - that's my biggest vice!
    Just worried that if we all become so sensible, this place will become duller!!!
  10. No- we can just corrupt and enable the newbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  11. Let's see.
    1. I will buy a Roxanne. Choco?
    2. I will buy an Annie. Black?
    3. I won't buy any more purses than that this year because I have a fabulous collection. This last one is not hard for me to do. As you know, I don't live on the same continent as any Mulberry store. I bet I am the only person in Mexico to have two Mulberrys.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: funniest thing I've heard today.
  13. 1. I will buy an Agyness - hopefully the pink snake
    2. I might buy something patent - Bayswater or Mabel
    3. I might buy an oak bayswater :smile:
    4. I will seriously consider selling some Mulberries that I don't use very much...difficult decision though
    5. I will definately sell a lot of non-Mulberry and cheaper designer bags to make room for more Mulberry! :smile:
    6. I will buy quality rather than quantity (clothes, bags, jewellery)
    7. I will spend money on my house before I do the above because the garage roof has nearly collapsed:lecture:
  14. Count me in on on 3,5,6 and (sadly) no.7! I´m really tempted by an oak Ledbury after seen yours!!! Changing no.3 to Ledbury:graucho:!