Mulberry new range and shoes

Jun 23, 2007
Hi all, been away from here for ages but new range has drawn me back :graucho:

Apologies for posting this here and not in shoe section but need Mulberry girls input and this would get swamped and lost over there, do the shoes run true to size? I'm currently :drool: over the blue boots they have and was wondering if anyone knew the calf size, I've never had trouble with knee length before until trying Choos, couldn't zip them up at the calf as they were sooooo skinny, or should I just email Mulberry?

TIA :ghi5:


Mar 28, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Mulberryroxanne, Welcome back over to mulberry. I know a lot of the girls bought the shoes in the sale and found that they ran true to size. I didn't buy a pair but I was very tempted by the pumps.


Jul 19, 2008
I don't know about this season, boots calf size, but I do remember the riding boots from last A/W collection, they where quite tight. Mulberry wrote the calf size on their website last year, so I am sure they will tell you the size on this season if you ask them. If I remember right, the calf size on last years boots where 32cm.
If you get them, please post a modeling photo, I just LOVE shoes!!


Sep 20, 2008
Hi Mulberry Roxanne, I have bought boots from Mulberry not this sale, the one prior - and I actually went a size up, mind you I do have awkward feet - but then again the Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry were a bit narrow, tight around ankles and pointy in the toes.

Flossie bought shoes in the sale just gone, if she sees your message hopefully she'll get time to reply.
Jul 9, 2009
I bought 2 pairs of the riding Boots and Im quite petite only a size 8 in clothes so didnt think I had particularly chunky calves but I struggle to get them zipped up - Ive never had the problem before- normally the opposite with boots but these were my first mulberry- enough to put me on a diet!! It could just be this style- and I have found with waering the leather is relaxing a bit and getting easier but its still a bit constricting
Jun 23, 2007
Many thanks ladies, this isn't looking good for me then as far as the boots calf size thing goes, I did think it was prob a no-no by the look of the models they are using, I'll check the site again incase I missed the measurements and if I can't find them I'll email in.

Good job there isn't a bag to match those boots if this is the case, that would make it even more frustrating :graucho:

Thanks again tho for the info, can always rely on the Mulberry forum :woohoo: