Mulberry New Bayswater - zipped or not?

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  1. My hubby decided to treat me to a new bag next month, and I was thinking of getting a Mulberry New Bayswater. However, I can't quite decide between the zipped version and the one with the flap.

    Anyone has any pros and cons for either?

    It would be much appreciated.
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  2. I have the same question
    Hoping someone has both or can show us what they have

    Also I live in US so never get to see mulberry in person before I purchase.

    In the new bayswater in traditional oak color. Will it stain if caught in rain?

    Original poster hope you don't mind I ask question on your thread. Just trying to decide on same thing zipped or unzipped
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  3. Ask away MWTexan! Hope someone can help.

    I haven't seen the new Bayswaters in person yet. Everyone I know has the old style. I will be in London in a few weeks though, so might just look...
  4. Hi there,
    I've had my beautiful Bayswater in nvt oak since the tail end of 2015 and despite being carried in the rain (I live in the UK) she hasn't stained, I did buy the Clonil spray at the time of purchase but I haven't used it. She hasn't suffered a huge, heavy rain shower but from what I understand from other long-term users of the Bayswater, any marks that do happen end up disappearing. There's a great YouTube series by Alice Chidgley that helped me decide, she's made updates from one year and three years after purchasing her oak nvt Bayswater so do give them a look.
  5. Hi, I own the original bays and the new bays but don't own the zipped yet but I quite like the small zipped version. It is called small but you may see it and like me think it big enough for your needs. I think you really need to see the bags in person.
  6. For me it's not an option to see them in person. I live in the US and all of the places that carry mulberry in the US are about 9 or more hrs away, boo!
  7. I agree! I thought the small was plenty big enough and the regular very big.
  8. If you can't try it in person, do check the measurements on the website and compare them with bags you already have. The new regular bays is big!
  9. I have the origional bayswater in chocolate & the new zipped bayswater in small.
    I love the new one infinitely more than the origional, it is light weight easy to use & looks amazing. The large zipped felt huge when I tried it in store. The small is perfect. It is smaller than bays origional but can carry more as the bag is lighter. Im so taken with it I may sell the origional bayswater as it is so heavy I rarely use it.
    I fit alot in the small zipped & in 3 months of use (I do baby it a little) there is not a mark on it. Screenshot_20170331-190554.jpg
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  10. Both are just fabulous but ..... I am of no help at all.
  11. Hi
    I bought the Small Zipped Bayswater a couple of weeks ago and I just love it. Its the perfect everyday bag. Its easy to carry and I can carry it crossbody when needed. The bigger version is really huge and it doesn't have the strap. As you can see on the pictures below its not at all "small". :smile:

    Good luck with your decision!

  12. I have both and agree the small zipped is by far a better size. I just wish it was as soft as the original.....
  13. I'm so glad of this thread because I have been trying to decide the same thing. I almost settled on the small zipped, but even that seems large for me. I have a shoulder injury and must carry smaller bags. I've decided to go with the small Bayswater Satchel instead. It looks as though it will be really comfortable to wear as a crossbody as well.
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  14. The SBS is definitely more compact, but still holds a fair amount. I have a number of the old, regular Bayswaters, but find them very heavy for everyday wear - I carried my oak girl around London on a family day out and knew I'd got her!
    Good luck with your choice; looking forward to seeing her!
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  15. The SBS is far easier to use than the new small zipped bay. As I said previously the softer leather is more comfortable and easier to use somehow. I wish I'd got a new SBS instead. Good luck with your decision.
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