Mulberry Moaners try Marylai! *other brands are available*

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  1. I see a lot of threads moaning about Mulberry prices. Yes, I believe they are too high but if I really wanted one I'd still buy. I really am loving the look of the new Bayswater with stripe.


    However, I've decided my next bag will be this bag from a designer called Marylai.

    I am a little nervous as it's coming all the way from New York to Scotland but if all goes well I can see me buying more from her range. I think the leather looks beautiful and the Cobalt is just stunning.

    Fingers crossed it looks as good in the flesh!
  2. image.jpg

    This is the Bayswater I've fallen in love with. *swoon*
  3. I've been tempted away by Modalu recently. Great prices and really high quality bags. I got a Pippa in shark and a Dickens in black!


    The Dickens was in their sale and the Pippa was from eBay, both were around £80-90.
  4. A great price and they both look good quality, cracking bags. I think many of us are crazy for what we spend on bags. Four years ago I wouldn't even have bought a bag at £50. I just didn't have the finances. I sometimes feel embarrassed at what I spend on them and it's nothing compared to those that love their Chanel/LV etc!
  5. I've just had a look at the Modalu site. Some lovely bags and in great colours. I think I can see where my Summer bag will be coming from!
  6. It really puts me off Modalu that Pippa Middleton has been showing off freebie ones all over town.

  7. I've got the pippa in navy and shark and I'm thinking of selling just because I've not used pippas in ages!
    I'm going to buy the dickens though does the Handel fit on the shoulder?
  8. Not wild about Modalu. My mum has one or two and I don't think the leather is that great.

    The only one I like is her Bristol (what the pippa was called before little miss wannabe got involved with them) which is a gorgeous grape colour.

  9. I know what you mean!

    I quite like Pippa so it doesn't bother me she's been spotted with the bag - and I can see why she's been carrying them because they're awesome! I'd definitely be up for carting one around if they sent me a freebie! ;)