Mulberry mini Roxanne at Nordstrom Rack for $150, YMMV

  1. scored yesterday: woven Mulberry bag in multucolor, looks like Roxanne but smaller. Here is the picture stolen from eBay auction.


    Original price $1,195; Nordsrom Rack's price $300, 50% clearance makes it $150.
    Huge YMMV but it may worth to check your store.
    It was Nordstrom Rack in Sterling, VA. They had one more left in this colour and one in oak colour + plain leather (no woven) + small flowers on pockets. HTH!

    Correction: I've just been told that the model name is Rosemary.
  2. that might be the best deal I've heard of in a long, long time
  3. Wow...that's a deal!
  4. AWESOME! Congrats, it is a Beauty:nuts:
  5. I think that's called Rosemary, :smile:

    It's considerably smaller than Roxanne though.
  6. Thank you so much to the OP. i got it in the oak ! and they do charge sends!
  7. OHH! Booh! I just called and they are totally sold out! the lady was like "I don't understand why i am getting so many calls for this one bag!" i was like the purse forum!!! LOL! congrats to everyone who got the deal!
  8. Congratulations on your great deal! :smile: