Mulberry Mini Mabel on Kate Moss/Bostworth

  1. luuuuvvvvsss it!
    smallkatebosworthhotel.jpg smallkatemosslondon.jpg
  2. Oh, that mini is SO cute.
  3. The mini one isn't in their website?!
  4. It is in the store, I saw it today, $995... Mulberry NYC 5th Avenue.
    God I love the patent purple so much! Love, Love, Love:heart:
  5. Bosworth, not Bostworth. :noggin:
    I wish the damn thing was a bit cheaper.
  6. Oh thats so nice - I am seriously considering the Mabel.
  7. It's TINY! What could you fit in that? I do like it, but Bigger!!!
  8. OOPS Posted on wrong page sorry!!!
  9. Kate Moss sure does love her Mulberry's. I'm loving the Mabel, looks gorge in black. And the mini is too cute.