Mulberry meet girls, what bag.......


Apr 1, 2007
are you bringing to the meet? and what bag are you hoping to buy?

Don't know what to bring with me:shrugs: !!!

I have nothing specific in mind to look for, just going to see if anything takes my fancy :drool:

As for what bag to bring, I'm stumped. I was thinking my Oak Phoebe as she is my newest and current favourite (Shhh, don't tell the others :nogood:.....) but I'm really not sure. I have Oak Roxanne, Bays and Phoebe, Chocolate Rosemary and Mocha Antony. Any suggestions???:confused1:


Nov 30, 2006
I have no idea what I'm looking for although I'm interested in the idea of the plum Somerset. I want another winter bag but it really needs to go with a bright red coat.

I did think about bringing my black Alana but she's a little bit dull so I think it'll probably be magenta Hanover for a bit of zing.

old bags rule

Jul 27, 2008
Cat - I want to see the Chocolate Rosemary! I think as I told Cat before that I will probably bring my new (to me from another PFer) Indigo East West. As to buying I would love another east West, but my hubby thinks I am just coming for the social side - he is one of life's innocents!
May 7, 2007
Well Jo if you want to see an old Bays I'll bring my Oak one shall I? Unless anybody wants to see Chocolate Roxanne? (I think I posted this on another thread but I can't remember which one!!!).

Anyway, my choice of bags to bring is:- Oak Bays, Oak Roxanne, Chocolate Roxanne, Oak Phoebe, Chocolate Antony and Chocolate Somerset Shoulder bag. I'm happy to bring any of them so let me know if you want to see something specific.

My list of bags to possibly buy gets longer by the day:-

Olive Phoebe, Black E/W Bays, Oak or Black Antony, Oak or Chocolate Jamie (yeah I wish!) or Olive or Red Bays.

I'm hoping that if I get one of the cheaper bags that I may be able to get an Oak Locked Zip Around Purse too, but that will probably only be if I get an Antony!

Favourites to buy at the moment are Olive Phoebe and Oak Antony.
Feb 26, 2008
Ooh you could all take all your bags & stash them in the boot of your cars haha:roflmfao:
Then keep rushing back to change over hahaha:roflmfao::roflmfao:

You know I'm sooooo tempted to come :wondering.......especially if it's a beautiful day like today
But whatever I can't wait for the reports after, & pics!!


Sep 16, 2006
Oh yes, do come Blueberry, I heard it's going to be nice at the weekend :yes:

No idea which bag I will bring, depends on the weather really and what I end up wearing. Will be a choice between Bayswater - black or antique choc, choc Annie or oak Belgrave. (Putty Somerset tote is packed away now for winter)

Really interested to see the plum Somerset tote IRL too. My fantasy is that it's a gorgeous purpley plum (rather than a burgundy shade) If that's the case then I might be in trouble :faint: Also, still interested in an oak Hanover........