Mulberry Mansion!!!!!!!!!

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  1. HOORAY!!! Me and the Mulberries have got a new house,they are going to have their own bedroom with an en-suite!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:yahoo::tup::tup::yahoo:
  2. Yay!!! Good for you! What color will their room be and will the room be glamorous for them???? Will they have a new home before or after Christmas??? I am just full of questions, aren't I ?? I have always been a nosy broad!!!
  3. So pleased for you !!Are you moving near any Mulberry outlet shops ?
  4. Fantastic news!! Well done!! Let us know when you move we can celebrate with a "cyber drink" for you.
  5. :tup::tup::tup: or drinks!!!!!
  6. Oooooo do they get their own walk in wardrobe or a dressing area
  7. :yahoo:Yay! Congratulations! Their own dressing area /walk in wardrobe would be fab - just think how happy they'd be :lol:
  8. Congratulations if they are going to have their own room you will need a few more to fill it up
  9. My Mulberries wil have thier own padded cell!!! Hahahaha!!! But as I don't allow them to drink I will have it for them with you all!!!!!!!!!! Just imagine the scene a drunken Roxanne could create,cheeky minx that she is,she flirts outrageously with poor old Elgin enough as it is!!Poor love he gets so bashful!
    But were not moving before xmas as the Blenheim gets so giddy anyway so early January will be most prudent! Roxy loves all things girly so she is coming with me on Saturday to give her opinion on the cosmetic procedure,if I did'nt take her she would create such a stink,unbearable!!! I'd love to see her going through childbirth!!! Especially after some of the whoppers you girls have had! She is definately too posh to push!!

    And if they mess about they get the garden shed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :tup: Chaz, you are really too much!!!! We will definitely have to time this for the drinks at the same time. I guess mine will have to be a mimosa to compensate for the time difference!!

    I am getting this mental picture of all your bags chatting with each other!! Too funny!!!
  11. Ooh how wonderful. You can have a Roxanne room, a Blenheim room, Babington room etc.
    Good news, glad it's all happening for you.
  12. Lovely! You would enjoy playing in their house - hope you get out for air sometime!

    Pictures please!

  13. Will do!! I'm sure they wil want to show off their new pad!!! Roxy's already trying to bag the biggest bedroom,but we have put our foot down,shes outside right now throwing a tantrum and shredding my clematis for spite!!! Shes actually doing me a favour as it needs cutting back,but don't tell her that!! They will be able to play outside at the new place as its a completely walled garden,its just when Roxy gets going she thinks its funny to push poor little Blenheim over,well I could shut her in the garden and the other two can play in the conservatory,see how she likes getting wet!!! And I won't put any collonil on her if she gives me any lip!!!!
  14. ::giggling uncontrollably at my desk::

    Such troublemakers!:P
  15. Well there is four bedrooms,as the attic is converted into two double sized bedrooms!! Oh Roxy has just come back in as its cold and dark outside and she's currently sulking on the sofa,saying she's not going!!! Well we have told her the offer has been accepted pending the full on structural survey and the sellers are keeping the house on the market for veiwing in case it comes back and its not good,and if they decide to start playing the bidding game after accepting our offer,Andy will tell them where to get off!!!
    She is being paticularly stubborn,as I made the mistake of taking her when we veiwed on Sunday and she loved it,said the kitchen was poky and just sooooooooo not in,but otherwise loved it!!!

    I don't know,a Mulberry with delusions of grandeur!!!