Mulberry Maisie

  1. I really don't like it, but the last bag I thought that about (Rango Travel Day Bag) I saw on a really classy lady and it looked stunning so I'll wait until I see it in real life before dismissing it completely. :smile:
  2. I love it!

    (just kidding, but I don't hate it either - will wait and see. Not going to make a judgement on the basis of the notoriously rubbish Mulberry pictures)
  3. Mod shot - great!....shame about the bag!:tdown::nogood:....
  4. I think that they look quite cheap and rubbery. I hate to think how cheap the knock offs are going to look!!
  5. Found out a bit more about 'Maisie'

    So yep, all moulded on the front. A definite no from me!
  6. I hope they don't price as the same as Alexa as that will be wrong as it doesn't include all the 'real' features.
  7. Yes absolutely agree - still imo just plain weird!!:weird:
  8. No way! :nono:
  9. Couldn't have said it better, it looks very fake and unclassy :nogood:
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    I think its really ugly and tacky and it looks like it smells of those plastic gym bags I had at school:push::push:
  11. Don't like it :nogood:
  12. No likey
  13. I love the look of the clutches. Although, imo, they look more like big puches than clutches. Kinda like a less floppy Americal Apparel clutches.
  14. Yuck! :sad:
  15. I am still waiting to see these in store. :smile: What is putting me off beforehand is that there's no pocket in the front. I'd rather have a pocket than a moulded leather thing. :biggrin: