Mulberry Maisie

  1. Thought I would start a thread on this for discussion and opinions. To kick off I do not like!

    Some pics off the blog site.
  2. Ah there's been a few comments on the chat thread, generally :tdown:

    It would be interesting to see one IRL to see how good the trompe l'oeil effect really is, but I can't myself getting one (maybe in 18 months time if they hit super reductions in the outlets! :nuts:). No flappy straps though, which is a good thing in my book (and a contributing factor the untimely departure of all Alexas I've ever had).
  3. I don't like it either, it looks plastic and fake! Don't like is actually too mild! :tdown:
  4. I agree I am not a fan at all! I really dislike the printed part i.e. the whole symbolic part making it a maisie
  5. I'm probably in the minority here but I quite like the look of the black clutch. Price will probably have a lot to do with how much I like it though, I don't think it looks like a high-end item.
  6. No not my style dont like open bags in general and it looks horrible.
    Another thumbs down. :tdown:
  7. Not sure at all, it reminds me of the Roxanne tote they did a few years ago but the leather looked so much better on that.
  8. theres some new horrible bags floating about within mulberry recently what they playing at seriously
  9. In a word....YUCK!!!:tdown::nogood:
  10. No:nogood:
  11. Haha I thought we would be dissing it. But if there are any who do like it please don't be afraid to say so!!
  12. I wasn't a fan at all at first but it's growing on me. I really thought it was made of rubber when I saw the catwalk pics! Would be interesting to see it IRL. :smile:
  13. I love this pic:
  14. I think the visuals for AW are fabulous, but I still don't like the Maisie!
  15. Does anyone know what kind of price range these might be??? I think that might affect my opinion. Dorset price ok, maybe. Bayswater price, no way!