Mulberry Mabel sizes

  1. Can anyone give me the measurements for the large Mabel?
    I have the small one in blue, and the medium one in pink.I have seen one advertised which I like and thought it looked like the medium, but the measurements she has given me don't coincide. Can anyone tell me the measurements for the large one?
  2. The large has a functioning buckle strap unlike the popper version on the medium
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  3. Thanks.I already have what I thought was the medium (pink)and it's measurements are 34cm wide,18cm high,13cm deep, and it has a buckle strap.The small one (blue) has a popper strap.The size she has quoted me is 38cm wide x 24cm high, so don't know if this is the large? Or maybe the one I have got is the large, and hers is extra large if they do one?
  4. Hi, and welcome!

    This thread may help......


    If you put Mabel sizes in the search box at the top right of the screen on the Mulberry Forum page, you'll find a lot of threads!

  5. Thanks MiniMabel!
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