Mulberry MABEL, large, black - how to get one from Australia ??

  1. Hi,

    I live in Australia and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the best way to get my hands on a large, black Mulberry Mabel ?

    Are there any other online stockists other than the Mulberry shop and NAP ?

    Are there any good stockists in Australia that don't sell for too much above the rrp ?

    I would kinda like to buy at less than full price is that possible in my circumstances ?

    Thanks so much, any assistance would be so helpful ! Thanks :flowers:
  2. What about a little vacation to Uk.:nuts:
  3. hahahah !!! I wish !
    :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  4. Send me a ticket and I'll bring you one!!! hehe

    Sorry, I am no help at all! Maybe one of the other ladies will offer some advice!
  5. It is great that you heard about Mulberry in Australia.Hope you get your mabel soon.
  6. How about buying from eBay?
    The members here will help authenticate a bag before you bid on it.
  7. Yeah I was thinking that pursecrzy.... but I'm always a bit iffy about bags on eBay. :s

    We have Mulberry at our major department stores but they are quite exxy compared to their cost in the UK or US...

    What about other online stockists ????? :confused1: :confused1:
  8. I live in Australia as well and am a big Mulberry fan. You can find them in Myer and DJ's but they're way overpriced. What I do is call Mulberry in Melrose and ask a friend to pick the bag up for me. They also ship overseas but it costs $100. Anyway, give them a ring and see what they can do for you. I usually speak with Scot but everyone in the shop is lovely. Also, the additional $100 shipping would still be cheaper than what you can get from the shops here.

    Oh and before I forget... I heard Mulberry's opening shop here in Australia. Soooo excited. :smile:

  9. Thanks so much Denisse !!! :heart:

    Where is Melrose ?????

    Yeah, I'm a bit off put by the prices in the Myer and DJ's...

    That would be awesome if they opened a store here !!!
  10. Melrose is our store here in Los Angeles, CA. I was in recently and I do think I saw a large black Mabel... also saw one at Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza Mall. Both will be full price, but they could ship them. Also, just so you know, it seems the way they figure our prices here in the US is to take the price of the bag in GBP and just double it to pretty much match the exchange rate. SO... if you buy straight off the Mulberry website, you avoid paying our tax on top of it (8.25% in Los Angeles) and I know Mulberry ships worldwide. It is 28 GBP to ship to the US... probably to Australia as well. I have looked at doing that before on some of them... good luck!! I am sketchy on eBay bags as well, so I would go for an authorized boutique if it were me.