Mulberry Mabel bag

  1. HAs anyone seen this?? i think mischa barton carreid it once in a red patent looks hot! I can't find it anywhere though not even on the mulberry website!
  2. Not the red but snakeskin and purple :heart:
  3. OMG :yahoo:
    Both bags are GORGEOUS:nuts:
  4. They are stunners ... unfortunately they are not mine :sad:
  5. Hi girls! I found this thread after a search and I'm impressed over the extensive information you all have, since I just found out on mulberry's homepage that the 'Mabel' bag is part of the new season. :p

    However, I just LOVE the reddish / rust patent one in the ad on the front page, but I can only find the bag in 'Midnight' and 'Chocolate' in the everyday bag section. Do you know if they will actually release that one, or is it only eye candy?

    Mulberry Mabel.jpg
  6. Wow, the dark red patent is a stunner! I love the look Mabel, it seems to be the perfect size and fits over the shoulder!
  7. OMG:nuts: Mabel is so beautiful!!! It is so great that Mulberry seems to have woken up and has started making trendy bags (well, trendy to my eye anyway;)).

    I might accidentally buy the red large Mabel, even though I should be saving money...
  8. The mabel is HOT - I love it.

    It may be like when they did the promo pictures for the Smithfield. They had a green one but you couldn't buy the green one on the website:sad:
  9. Wow, this is a beautiful bag!!
  10. Anyone got one yet? I am considering it
  11. I've got my name down for the Mulberry Mabel in chocolate brown patent. I've been admiring it for a few weeks and I think it's gonna be a big hit this autumn. I have a several Mulberry bags including oak and choc Bayswaters, cognac/almond Emmy and oak/choc Emmy, fuschia Araline, ginger Judy... and they're all so wellmade. The only problem is that in the rain the pale leather ones can get watermarked which is a bit of a pain and that's the one thing I shall be checking with the patent leather - that it won't water-stain.
    However.... and just for anyone's future guidance, I have Chloe Paddingtons in Natural Tan, Chocolate and Orange, Ediths in Whiskey and Black and a large and a small Betty, both in Python and despite the fact that the Chloe bags are far more soft and delicate-looking than the Mulberrys, the leather and Python are totally unmarked following a rain shower and it's something you have to consider alot in England. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my Mabel ;) it didn't appeal to me at all at first, but I think the brown patent and gold hardware should look really nice and I reckon it could be The Bag of Fall/Winter in the UK.
    PS - If anyone ever wants to try and authenticate any Mulberry Bayswater, Emmy, etc. or Chloe Paddington, Edith or Python Betty, please let me know and I can list pics of mine for you to use.
    PPS Absolutely most robust, hardwearing bagsI own for every day use is my Vuitton Speedy 30 and matching Pochette. And to top it all off they get better with age.:yes:
  12. I've seen the purple Mabel in the Stockholm store. Think Mabel is coming big A/W 07. The red is really stunning! :tup: Didn't thik I'd ever think of buying anything but black...
  13. What a beautiful bag. I am in the market for something new and I'm going to have a hard time choosing between the Mabel and the Givenchy Nightingale. They're both so lovely.

    The Mabel is something special though - that leather looks absolutely brilliant.
  14. I saw the Mabel and the Smithfield at Mulberry's HQ in Shepton. I preferred the Mabel and the red is a gorgeous rich colour. Saw the Smithfield in green but it was quite a hard colour - reminded me of my first ever school uniform, bottle green. Yuk!
  15. Hi I am a newbie to this wonderful forum - I am a big Mulberry lover - I have just bought the Mabel in Midnight (purple) from House of Fraser Guildford (Handbag Mecca in Surrey), it is a stunner and the leather is divine!!:yahoo:

    I also have:

    Bayswater in Plum Antique Glace
    Chocolate Annie
    Black Annie
    Apple Green Blenheim
    Dusky Pink Blenheim
    Damson long lock purse
    Black Cosmetic Purse

    Am I Bad!!!! I just love em!!!:heart: