Mulberry Mabel anyone?

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  1. Ladies, what are your thoughts about the Mabel? Regular size, in particular? Is it easy to wear as a shoulder bag or do you wear yours as a tote? It looks very deep to me!

    Many thanks in advance for your comments!
  2. I'll be interested in your replies too. You don't hear much of them nowadays and it's another mulberry I always thought could be a staple in wardrobe :smile:
  3. Hi Mayfly285,

    I've got both a regular & large Mabel which I wear over the shoulder. You can fit loads inside, especially within the large one which I use when I travel. Plus they both have load of of pockets.

    I think it's a classic bag and was the one style of Mulberry bag that I always wanted but couldn't afford at the time it was in store but luckily I managed to find my two on Ebay :smile:

    P.S on the last page in the Catwalk pics thread there's a modelling shot of the regular size
  4. I Love my Champagne Mabel, she's a great bag. Can be carried on the shoulder or like a tote and lots of pockets :biggrin:
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    I was after a Mabel for ages couldnt figure out which one though as i didnt have one and thought it necessary to have one in my collection.
    The ref thread helped me to decide and i finally went for the light coloured snakeskin in regular.
    A roomy bag and a gr8 size everything fits in perfectly as i always have more than usual.
    Its nice on the shoulder or as a tote.
    The smaller may be better for you if you want to carry less.
  6. I used to have a medium Mabel in orange goatskin and it was a lovely bag - I only sold it because I found the colour difficult to combine with my clothes. It is so roomy too and the handles are deep enough to carry on the shoulder (and I have quite chubby arms) as well as over the arm.

    I would love to get another one at some point in a taupe or neutral colour, think it it one of the nicest bags Mulberry have produced imo!
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  8. The orange goatskin sounds gorgeous! I've got an orange Anya Hindmarch and I wear her a lot this autumny time of year, although she also goes well with summer dresses and jeans. I'm glad to hear that the handles are deep enough to wear on the shoulder - I'm not a size zero and didn't fancy having a bag rammed under my arm! I agree that it's a lovely style - it's a pity that Mulberry discontinued some of their classic pieces, along with the Ledbury and the Elgin. (Neither of which I possess, but wish I did!)
  9. Champagne sounds lovely and I definitely like the idea of lots of pockets! :smile:
  10. That reference thread is fantastic - so many lovely Mabels to drool over!! I'm glad to hear that it's both roomy and able to be worn over the shoulder. I'd definitely go for the regular size, I think! :smile:
  11. I love my regular and mini mabel (it has just been fixed and I am waiting to collect it). To me my regular mable is a great every day easy bag for the day. I would love another and regret not getting the patent pink when I had the chance at an outlet and the gold snake print which was so so cheap at an outlet (we are talking less than 200 pounds if memory serves me correctly)!!
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  13. Hi Mayfly,
    I have a regular mabel and use it as my inflight bag when travelling. It recently came on holiday and comfortably held:
    2 ipads, 2 blackberrys, 1 ipod touch, long lock puse, sunglasses & case, large TT wrap, large neon woodland wrap, 3 large bags of sweeties, ipad charger & adaptor, jewellery wrap, tissues, reading glasses & case, hairbrush, bal hip, fairground pouch & contents!!!