Mulberry Luggage

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  1. Has anyone bought any Mulberry Luggage? I've been checking out the little suitcase on wheels thingies and wondered if they were worth the money. My DH has bought so many of the cheaper type and they don't last 5 minutes - thought I could treat him to one as he has been so generous buying my two bags. He is a frequent flyer mainly on internal flights so I know it would get used a lot , might even go for the laptop briefcase thing as well.
    Is this the sort of thing you can get at the outlets ?
    Any advice very welcome as always :tup:
  2. Yes luggage is def available at the outlets. I was at Bicester today, and there was quite a bit displayed all down one wall. I'm really sorry though, I didn't pay that much attention to the exact styles. Maybe one of the girls from yesterday will remember?