Mulberry Lucky Dip

  1. Hi, Not been in here for a while, been catching up with some posts and this really seems to be the wacky corner of tPF, God luv ya :nuts:
    I was in Tokyo for New Year and it seems in Japan, New Year Sales are huge and they have mad Lucky Dips, called "fukubukuro".
    I went to the Mulberry store in Roppongi Hills. (Really confusing shopping complex that we got totally lost in, must have spent 2 hours looking for this Mulberry shop) and was looking at a black bag, seemed like a mini Roxanne, though i'm not sure. Didn't buy anything as I couldn't work out the exchange rate and figured it would still be a lot more expensive out there than in the UK.
    Anyway, there were all these bags on a table with tickets on them, I kinda assumed they were people's purchases that they had to come back and collect. But they weren't, you paid a certain amount then got to take home whatver was in the bag, could have been a Bayswater or an Antony, depending on your luck, but it should always be worth (retail price) more than you paid. Don't know what the return policy would be either, anyway, I wasn't taking the chance. Too much of a wimp, wish I had now though, would have made a better post than this!

    Would you guys be brave enough, how much would you pay for a Mulberry Lucky Dip?
    Think it would catch on here?
  2. Hmm interesting Audrey. I can imagine I would be tempted by something like that - I do like an element of risk to my day! However, I have the kind of luck that means I'd probably end up with that sheepskinny roxanne (or was it a bayswater?) :wtf: Either way, I wouldn't trust my luck on this one. At the risk of sounding boring, I'd rather hold out for a regular sale, or stalk the outlets to get something that I really wanted...
  3. Me neither - I would end up with a dud! Not much of a gambler!! Unless it was really, really cheap!!! Very interesting though!!!
  4. Hahaha!! I would'nt be able to do it!! I'd be in bits on the floor laughing at the name!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^^^LOL, sounds like something certain girls call out to passing-by tourists at night...
  6. Couldn't do it....what a crazy idea:wondering
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Oh no!! We are going in the gutter again! Such filthy minds----:angel: except, of course me :angel:
  8. ^^wondered how long it would take for it to reach that level. It did make me chuckle, thought it was maybe what I would say if my lucky bag turned out to be not that lucky:graucho:

  9. God we're such a smutty lot are'nt we??lol!!!! I could'nt possibly print what I would say if I ended up with a duff bag,would sound quite japanese though the speed it would come out at!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  10. Yup....I totally forgot about this and have been the beneficiary of some wonderful items that my uncle has picked up for me and my sister over the years (he's Japanese).....GREAT Prada bags, Gucci bags, wallets, sunglasses, scarves, ties for men, etc.
    They are ALWAYS great deals - it's just that you don't know what's in the bag! It is kinda fun.....not too costly (by Japanese standards, of course).
    Ah, too bad that you didn't take advantage of this cultural "quirk".
    It's their way of changing inventory for the season along with having some fun!

    Hope you had a great time in Japan!
  11. I'd love to do a Mulberry lucky dip!- but I wouldn't want to spend more than £100
  12. I've heard about this before although didn't know the great name - ooh, I love that one, going to use it as my 2008 swear word!
    If I was feeling flush I think I'd have had a punt! I loved lucky dip as a kid.
  13. I wish I had done it now, at the time I was in Mulberry I didn't have a clue what it was. None of the other designer stores I went into seemed to be doing it :sad:

    dcblam, I had an amazing time in Tokyo, thanks, it is such a great place.

    I have no luck, the only time I ever won anything was a bottle of Finlandia Vodka at a Tombola when I was about 8 or something. My parents were going to keep it until I got married, but it started evaporating long before that, think it will be all dust before that ever happens now....
  14. Never mind Mulberry LD, I wouldn`t mind having a lucky dip on one of your bags!!

    How many have you got??,where do you keep them all.

    I did read on one of your post`s that your BF bought all your bags,does he work in the Oil industry?they must of cost him a fortune,you go girl!!
  15. I think the concept of Lucky Dip is hilarious -- but also indicative of a bored society with too many consumer goods; people who have enough money to not care what they are buying or what they end up with. I guess it could be called consumer "fun" -- but gee.... Don't mean to sound like a wet blanket, just offering up another deconstruction of this shopping concept.

    I don't think I'd do it unless I could "feel up" the bag. Could you feel up the bag and guess what was inside of it?