Mulberry lost my returned sale bag

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  1. Now I am a little angry. When I ordered in the sale I tried to cancel my order on the morgan before they shipped it, but they told me it was impossible and if it didn't fit I was to return it for a refund.

    As you all know it was too big for me so it wen't back. But still no refund.

    I asked and geuss wha't they can't find my bag......I have tracking that shows they have recived it, but then they say they can't find it and wan't me to ask who has signed for it.

    Since I live in Sweden I can't even know which company in UK our Swedish post cooperate with, and when i sked the postoffice they can't help me because they don't know because they have so many.

    If I wan't them to look for the bag I must make a complaint. I have done that before and it usually takes ages before anything happens. Since I own a webshop I am used to making them and I still wait for my last one made for three months ago...

    I will never ever buy anything in Mulberrysale again. The last two sales I have bought things in have been nothing but trouble.

    I did pay £ 16 for shipping from Mulberry to me and £35 for freight of the bag back to Mulberry because they didn't let me cancel a bag I realised I couldn't use when i heard about the strap, and now it seems like I will wait until forever for my refund. I don't like having a huge hole in my creditcard that I have to pay for and to not be able to get the money back for such a long time.

    That's also £ 50 I will never get back, and that I certinly could have more fun with, just because they don't accept cancels.

    If any of you hear me so much as wisper about buying anything in the summersale next year, please, please remind me of this and stop me.
    Mulberry REALLY must look into their routines regarding to sale!
  2. Oh no- what a nightmare. Don't worry- i won't let you buy anything in the summer sale. Mulberry really need to get their act together!
  3. Salikons you should pm Rachiem - she had a similar problem (granted within UK) so may have advice to give
  4. Oh that is terrible! I do hope you manage to sort it out and I think Mulberry should (at least) refund you the total you paid including shipping as you are losing £35 to ship it back to them.

    Argh what an inconvenience :|
  5. Salikons I'd be raging if I were in your shoes! I do love their product but honestly recent customer service is less than good from the website in particular.
    *supportive hug*
  6. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the return - how can they loose a bag? Sounds completely unorganized to me, I agree that they must do something about their mail order customer service. Hope things get sorted quickly!
  7. Ok, I now have got a reund of one bag, but not the other ,and they were sent in the same box back.....don't understand this, have they suddenly located one bag but not the other although they were shipped together. Please, Please don't ever let me shop in the online sale again.
  8. Oh Salikons, I really do sympathise. How can they refund for one bag and not the other? Have you phoned them?
  9. Phew im so glad they have issued the refund (although it is a part refund) Dont worry they will refund you for the other bag as well as you sent them in the same box and it IS their fault. I am sure it will get sorted soon xx
  10. I bet that is why they can't find it. They probably have only 1 signed form for both bags and have separated them. Tell them again that the bags were packed together and insist on an immediate refund for the other one too. They are too disgusting!
  11. This is awful! I feel for you, Ive had stuff lost before (not mulberry though) and it is really worrying isnt it, because you know you've paid for it and are waiting ages for a refund. What Jenova said sounds spot on (re the one signature for 2 bags), have you suggested that to them?

    I hope you get it all sorted out soon Salikons :yes:
  12. That is outrageous why should you find out who signed for it the issue is at their end surely ? Did you speak to someone at head office ? Take the names of all the people you speak to and let them know how upset you are and that you use this forum and will be reporting back ! They must have a customer relations department I would keep escalting it until it is resolved ! Good luck x
  13. Ill bet theyll do a quick stock check and theyll realise they have one extra bag
  14. What a terrible story (again!!!). I can understand why you are angry, this is so.....
    A company like this should act in a totally different way! What are they doing there?
    How do they plan to keep their customers happy?? I really hope it will be solved for you soon!
  15. will be losing loyal customers soon if they don't get their act together! When you pay that much for a product you have the right to expect brilliant service.

    I am really sorry to hear about the bad experience that you've had. I am sure you will get all your money back, but this unnecessary stress that they are causing you is not nice.