mulberry long wallets

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  1. so i bought a NL long purse the other day and is it me or does anyone else find the kind of big, its fine in your bag, but i cant just stick it in my pocket! i LOVE my purse and to me is kind of like a small clutch size!which i have used it for:biggrin:

    so im looking for a smaller purse any recommendations?
  2. I bought a long locked purse recently, haven't started using it yet, but looking forward to but by phone and lipbalm in it when I go for lunch. Was unsure about the size (using a small wallet now) and it's a big step up.

    I haven't got any suggestions for you though :P
  3. I know what you mean, I adore the look of the long purse, but I am a small purse gal as I like to be able to hold it in my hand easily.
    Take a look at the Alexa Wallet, its just a gorgeous size and still holds all my cards and notes, the coin bit is really clever as it unfolds and opens out. I love it :smile:
  4. yes when im working i have my purse in my jacket pocket and the long purse doesnt fit! a small alexa purse would be a good idea i think, i kind of like the small purple drew one to!?
  5. ^ and the Hayden love one in tan looked nice and small too ;) that was on NAP !
  6. yeah i saw that one, im not sold on the hayden stuff at all! im thinking pink alexa wallet actually?
  7. ^ you wont regret it for a second! I love love love taking mine out of the bag!!!
  8. mmmmm need something like that!
  9. I've just bought a trifold purse, fits nicely in your pocket - very pleased:smile:
  10. ooo ill look this up thanks x
  11. I have the OL alexa wallet, bag mad and it is gorgeous, to the point where I have not yet dared to use it, lol. I saw the pink leopard one too and it honestly was bloody fantastic looking. I wanted the OL to match my bag but if I was just buying one as a purse for all occasions then the pink probably had more 'Wow' factor iykwim.
  12. I am not a OL fan BUT saw the OL alexa purse this week and it is tdf!!! Soft and compact and just gorgeous! Can be held in the palm....really lovely.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.