Mulberry London!

  1. So, I spent a lovely afternoon in the West End today. Started off at the Mulberry Boutique on Bond Street where I spent a good half hour perusing all the new bags :lol: I'm surprised to announce that I don't actually like the Mollie IRL. It's smaller than I thought, doesn't sit comfortably on my shoulder and the straps aren't adjustable :confused1: They didn't have it in black anyway but I'm pleased that it's off my wishlist.

    I also tried the Poppy - they had three in the store but it was only available for pre-order. It's a cool bag but really un-Mulberry. It definitely seems more like a Chloe or a Miu Miu.

    They had the CUTEST gold Ledbury - really, really adorable.

    I also kind of fell in love with the Somerset tote which is strange as I'm sure I've seen it before and dismissed it. But it's lovely - really big and simple. Nice straps, too. Don't need another tote though :rolleyes:

    They had the sunglasses in stock - big plastic things in patent cases. A bargain at £250 :roflmfao:

    No patent Roxanne totes in stock.

    The reason for my visit - wallet purchase. They didn't have the zip purse that I was after but I considered the Continental. This is gorgeous IRL. I was after the oak but for anyone who's after a pink wallet, this is the one for you. The baby pink Continental was SO lovely - very soft leather and quite light in weight, too. Anyway, the Continental didn't fit into the inner zip pocket of the Elgin (that was my test!) so I gave it a miss. I did (finally!) buy the chocolate Bayswater keyring/purse charm which I'm delighted with. It's adorable. I'll post RL pics tomorrow.

    The SA was lovely and, after I'd explained about getting the Joni from York without a dustbag, she gave me a giant one (for free!).

    I then went to the St Christopher's Place store to see if they had anything different in stock. They didn't.

    Last stop - Selfridges. I found my wallet :happydance: Again, I'll post RL pics tomorrow but it's the small ladies zip wallet (£125) on the website (although I got natural oak leather, not printed). They also had the small leather Bayswater keychains in Selfridges. These are ADORABLE :heart: The SA was showing it to me saying "look, you can even use it as a purse and keep money in it" and I looked at the price :push: £99!!! I said "£100? You should be able to get a bag for that!" She looked a bit sheepish and said "yes, I know, they're really expensive, aren't they?" :lol:

    All in all, a good afternoon of Mulberry. A couple of nice purchases & less that I'd planned on spending - yay!
  2. Sounds like you had a good day Dita! Looking forward to the pics!
  3. leather bayswater keyrings haven't seen these yet ........:shrugs:
  4. Here it is:

  5. oh ditab sounds like you had a lovely time. I want to see the Molly IRL and I'm kinda hoping it's not for me either so i can stop lusting after it!!!! feel free to put me off further!!!
    I'm on a wallet hunt ( or will be in May). Thinking either the continental or the small ladies wallet but probably in choco /oak/or black- can't decide!!!
  6. It sounds like you had a really nice afternoon! Looking forwards to the pictures!!! The leather Bayswater keyring is really cute:love: but the price isn´t. Wouldn´t say no if someone gave it to me though:p! Congrats!
  7. Thanks for the pic of the Bayswater keyring. It's adorable!
    What colours does it come in?
  8. oh that leather bayswater keyring is so cute! congrats on ur wallet purchase. i recently received my small congo zip wallet i got off eBay. the leather smell is just lovely. haven't gotten to using it yet though. perhaps i will from today! :yes:
  9. Sounds like the perfect day Ditab. Delighted you tracked down your purse and got a keyring. I love the bayswater leather keyring but £100 sterling....this is crazy.
  10. Thanks for the report - wonderful mulberry day! That mini bayswater pouch is just adorable :love: But honestly, I find it hard to justify the pricetag.

    And I do agree about the Poppy - the pleated version with zipper is soooo "inspired" by miu mius pleated bags from last year, it's almost embarrasing.

    Glad you found your purse!
  11. Sounds like a wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  12. Thanks, all.

    pursecrzy, I saw the mini-mini Bayswater (as I'm calling it... for that price, it's not a keyring!) in oak and chocolate. It probably comes in black, too.

    So, here are my pics. First the keychain/purse charm. I've decided to use it on my Emmy for the time being as I'm a bit concerned that the edge of the hook will scrape the bronzing off my Bayswater :confused1:

    The keyring is so detailed - it's even got a little moving clochette :heart:

  13. I love the keyring, its really cute, and a fantastic colour!!
  14. And as a separate post (otherwise there'll be too many images) here is my lovely little purse :heart: I'm SO happy with this :yahoo:

    Back (and for scale):

    It's exactly what I was looking for so I'm very, very pleased :okay: I used it this morning (in my Joni - fit into the pocket nicely, I definitely couldn't have gone with the slightly larger (£175) one) and it was very easy to use. The cc slots are snug at the moment but they'll loosen over time.
  15. The Continental was gorgeous - really substantial and the logo on the front is a rounded oval shape, not flush with the wallet, so very tactile. Even though I wanted an oak wallet, I think it looked nicest in black, actually.

    The slightly larger version of mine (zip purse £175) would be really nice IRL, I think

    I only saw this in printed leather which was a bit fuddy but in the darwin it would be lovely. On balance, it would have been a bit big for me (interior pocket issues!) but if you're considering the Continental, this might be a good alternative. Depends how much change you normally carry - coins could ruin the line of the Continental whereas these purses are made for lots of coinage!