mulberry light

  1. hi girls can i ask has anyone got a mulberry that if you hold it to the light you can see the light comming through the stitched seams? i am returning an annie for this reason (it has a pen mark on it too) but the craftmanship quality baffeled me just wondering is it was an unlucky purchase or the seam thing is a regular thing with mulberry.
    answers greatly received x:confused1:
  2. Just checked my black annie and no light comes through the seams.
  3. thankyou i didn't think this to be the case definatly not a mulberry thing then
  4. Checked my bags and no light through my seams either. Sounds like a dodgy bag to me.
  5. thanks girls received replacement annie today arrived squashed unprotected so ive got it well packed at moment lots of tlc for her i'm glad i managed to be so lucky to get a replacement they are like gold dust at the moment. ive posted another thread containing lost balls from annies i hope this isn't going to be an issue are they built to last ?
  6. my annie is oak and i love it x