Mulberry Ledbury

  1. There is a thread on the Ledbury (search and you will see people with pics carrying their bags) the Ledbury is tiny in comparison to the Bayswater (in my opinion) . Very difficult to tell the authenticity on either of the bags you have shown as the photos are not very good quality :confused1:
  2. Both look genuine to me.
  3. The Ledbury in your auction is fake fake fake! The straps are much too long. The Ledbury's straps are not long enough to go over the shoulder. The straps should be about half that size.

    Also, the piece on the bottom is too small. The bag is very wide at the bottom. It is short and squat (and very cute)

    I have a chocolate Ledbury and I love it. I carry it in the crook of my arm and don't have much trouble with it getting in the way. I also have a Bayswater, which I use for work. The Ledbury is a good size for everyday if you're used to a smaller purse; but don't get it if you need a bag that will go over your shoulder.
  4. The Ledbury is plenty big for day-to-day stuff short of a laptop. I prefer it for daily use myself.

    For office use I think the Bayswater is better unless you do have a separate briefcase then the Ledbury is fine.
    Mulberry Bayswater vs Ledbury b.jpg
  5. What do you think about this Bayswater in eBay?
    I am crazy in love with she.
    Help me: is she authentic? :confused1:
  6. Sorry funkfaker, I disagree that the ledbury is fake. It looks genuine to me, the fake rose pink is a much brighter pink. I think the camera angle is distorting the length of the handles - if you read the description, the handles are 4" long which would be about right.

    120142473265 is genuine, and has been asked about in another thread also.
  7. How about price then, is the ledbury less expensive? There's a Mulberry store here in Amsterdam, but I feel a bit stupid going in just to ask the price. I'm thinking about buyin a bayswater in Oad darwin, but I'm not sure about the size. Do these bags come in different sizes? Or is the ledbury the smaller version of the bayswater and the picadilly the bigger version? Thanks!
  8. ^^ Ledbury is £295, and Bayswater is £495. The pics above show the size difference really well. The Picadilly is really a weekend bag - it is huge! I think it is £795:yes:
  9. Thanks RachelA! I'll pop over to Mulberry around christmas to compare sizes and decide which one is better for me, but I think it'll be the bayswater.
  10. Have you seen the new East West Bayswater

    Here is a comparision pic of the ledbury, bayswater and east west
  11. I went to the Mulberry store in Den Haag
    Ledbury is 450 euros
    Bayswater is 750 euros

    The Ledbury is quite a lot smaller than the Bayswater. I think you can find the sizes on

    Hope you'll find the perfect bag!
  12. Thanks Amelie, I didn't even know there was a Mulberry store in Den Haag...we're so blessed to have two here in the Netherlands!

    Thanks RachelA for the size comparison!
  13. Here's a pic, it's not huge but a nice size