Mulberry Ledbury

  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone here has a Ledbury? I think the Bayswater is a bit too big for me but am worried the Ledbury will be too small. I don't suppose anyone here has photos WITH their Ledbury? I'm petite so I *think* it'd be big enough but it'd be great to see some irl pics. The dimensions are 10*8.5*5 inches...thanks!
  2. Hello, I have both and either one works for me and I am literally 5-foot nothing.

    I attached some pics (hope they work).

    Although for day-to-day use I prefer the Ledbury as the Bayswater looks a bit too "brief-case-y." Amazingly the Ledbury has lots of room for daily stuff (not laptop tho') - cell phones, keys, PDAs, wallet, etc.
    Mulberry Ledbury a.jpg Mulberry Bayswater a.jpg Mulberry Bayswater vs Ledbury b.jpg
  3. thanks SO much! That's perfect, helps a lot!
  4. No wonder I like it, lol. :p
  5. ooh, the Ledbury may solve my problem regarding the Bayswater being too briefcasey. I see it's made in fuschia - wouldn't that be great!?
  6. Thank you SO much for posting these pix! I love the Bayswater, but think it is too big. This Ledbury will have to be considered!!!
  7. FYI all Mulberry fans...Mulberry currently have a major sale on...there's not much on their website (and no Ledburys or Bayswaters) but loads and loads of stuff on sale in store. I was in the Knightsbridge one on Saturday and although I didn't notice if they had any Ledburys on sale, they had the vanilla Bayswater because I've always lusted after that and had to drag myself out of the store!!! :drool:

    PS I've seen the fuschia IRL and the colour is TDF!
  8. I just ordered one of these in Chocolate. I can't wait to get it. I like the style of the bayswater but it is way too large for my needs.
  9. I'm wondering if the Ledbury is too "little old ladyish." The Bayswater works and looks cool because of its size. But then, that means you actually have to lug it around. When I see Ledbury in the modeling pic, it looks like a good size. When I see it next to the looks a little Agatha Christie to me...a bit fuddy duddy... Then again, in fuchsia it might work!
  10. I just feel over this thread, having the exact same doubt.
    The pictures are really nice!
    I have a question for Plain_Jane_Too though..
    Is it possible to wear the Ledbury over the shoulder with the short handle drops?

  11. Hi Kristinen, this thread is super old and Plain_Jane_Too posted back in 2007, I haven't seen anyone posting with this name currently.

    But hopefully this will help: Here is a modelling picture of the ledbury - I think you'd be hard pressed to get that over a shoulder, and if you could it would be very uncomfortable.
  12. No you wouldnt be able to wear ledbury as a shoulder bag.