Mulberry - Ledbury or Bayswater?

  1. I'm about to reward myself for working extra hard all december but are having some trouble deciding which bag to choose. :shame:

    Anyway, I want a classic, still not boring, bag. Big enough to use for shopping/university.

    I've decided for Mulberry, because I love the materials and I can use it for many seasons.

    .. but tell me, should I go for a Ledbury or a Bayswater? I can fit in anything I'll need for going shopping & studying in a Bayswater, but I find the Ledbury really cute and then there's the price difference, the Ledbury is a bit cheaper than the Bayswater. On the other hand, I don't think they import the Ledbury to where I live so I would have to order it from a store or from the internet...

    [​IMG] Ledbury

    [​IMG] Bayswater

    So, girls, what do you think? Please help me out. :rolleyes:
  2. I prefer the look of the Baywater. I can't explain why, it just has more appeal to me. Have fun with your new bag!
  3. I personally prefer the look of the Bayswater and if that can fit your books more comfortably I would go for that as you're getting to use it for Uni. So if I was choosing I'd go for the Bayswater (in fact it's on my list of bags to get in '07! :smile:)

    BUT if you really really love the look of the Ledbury a lot more then I would go for that because I think practicality is less important than how much you love the bag when you're buying a designer bag. :p

    If you're not too bothered about the look between the Ledbury and Bayswater I'd go for the Bayswater. Hope that helps!!
  4. :yahoo: BAYSWATER!
  5. I prefer the Bayswater - gorgeous bag!
  6. IIRC the Ledbury is significantly small than the Bayswater.

    The Bayswater is the perfect size for toting lots of stuff. Go for it!
  7. I would recommend the Bayswater. Its size is not overwhelming at all, although it might seem to be so in pics. The Ledbury is cute, but if you plan to carry a lot of things with you, it's not practical. :smile:
  8. I love the Bayswater and I got it online from their web site with no problem at all. Both bags are lovely you can't go wrong with Mulberry.
  9. I would also recommend a Bayswater, the Ledbury is much smaller - more like a handbag than a tote. If you need to carry books and files etc for the university, go for the Bayswater! I have one, it is my favourite bag for work and it's just the right size to be roomy but not big. I like the Ledbury, it's very cute, but you could not bring much with such a small bag.
  10. Yay, thank you, you're really helpful!

    How long would it approx. take to get the bag if I order it from (I live in sweden) And how much does the shipping cost? (I'm about to buy a £495 bag and am concerned about the shipping :rolleyes:)
  11. definetely bayswater!
  12. oh, I just noticed net-a-porter has a patchwork bayswater on sale. why don't you check it out? normally I hate patchwork but this one is really cute
  13. HELP! I am seriously wanting to buy a Mulberry and it's also a decision between a Ledbury or a Bayswater.

    My reasoning is below for leaning on a Ledbury - please let me know if I am off...

    I am 5' only and a Bayswater would overwhelm me but I think a Ledbury would be good enough size as a hand-bag. A Bayswater-sized tote would be good when travelling or 'toting' a lot of stuff but for everyday stuff like purse, makeup, cellphone, keys, etc... a Ledbury is ok.

    I could not find a Ledbury for sale online except in - anyone who where I can get one? I've been googling but no luck.

  14. I am 5'2" and hyper-conscious about being overwhelmed by large bags. One of the reasons that I like the Bayswater is that I feel it doesn't overwhelm me like some other large bags do. I like the proportions of the Ledbury though--I'm unfamiliar with that style--what are the dimensions of it?
  15. Bayswater,. hands down!!;)