Mulberry Leather Aging Question

  1. Hi everyone,

    Not sure if this is the right area to post but thought I’d ask the question. Sorry if this is a really silly one to ask!

    Basically, I use the mulberry recommended leather gel on my Lily & Bayswater bag to keep them looking fresh. I need to purchase the waterstop spray too.

    I would like to get another mulberry bag to add to my collection, but I’m wondering whether the bags age if you don’t use them that often? Like if they’re used lightly and stored in their dustbags, will the leather still look new or will it age? I like to rotate all my bags.

    Will the leather only age if it’s exposed to sunlight, rain etc?

    Thank you. Apologies once again if this is really obvious!
  2. It will age anyway since leather is a skin and there's nothing wrong with aging. If you live in dry climate I'd recommend applying some leather milk once or twice a year to prevent cracking.
  3. Oh I see, thank you I didn’t know that. I’m a little bit obsessive with babying my bags and like them to stay nice and new looking. I’ve only got a couple mulberry bags, so maybe I should get my wear out of those first before purchasing any more to add to my collection!

    The mulberry addiction is a slippery slope!
  4. I’m debating whether to get a mulberry wallet but I’ve read a lot on this forum about diminished leather quality the past few years. It’s a wallet so I definitely won’t baby it! Do you have any insight into the leather quality?
  5. Hi Hun,

    I’m also thinking of getting either a regular purse or coin purse. I don’t know whether to wait till the Xmas sales (I’m in no rush) or whether to purchase from Cheshire oaks or one of the outlets for a cheaper price.

    I’ve heard the leather quality has diminished since Johnny took over mulberry a few years ago. I read somewhere that the old leather was much higher quality and the Lily’s were lined with suede interior, whereas now it’s microfibre but at a steeper price. I still love the brand, but thinking of purchasing from coach as I think they have a similar style.
  6. I've also read on this forum about the bad quality of the new leathers but I couldn't disagree more! I bought a small maple in the new oxblood leather and it has looked pristine for a year now despite a lot of use and rain. And it holds its shape much better than the old NVT. Perhaps some of the others reviewers got a bad batch of leather or something.
  7. I.have switched to the coach.1941 range it is the quality mulberry used to be. I will never buy another mulberry while coco is.designer Coach is.awesome and Stuart was always my.fav mulberr y designer anyway
  8. I looked at coach when they had some in stock at flannels - the nomad I think it was? Awful, I didn’t like the colours or the leather.
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  9. What is it about mulberry quality that has decreased?
  10. I wouldn't shop in.Flannels for.anything
  11. leather quality and style design
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  12. JC will be devastated I'm sure.

    Personally I think the styles and leather are superior. The old style Mulberrys were very dated and seeing the condition of some it's clear a lot of the leathers weren't 'all that'. Of course you'll always get those that are stuck in the past and hate change but no company will survive without evolving. I think after JC's first year of hideous bags he's making some beautiful bags in very nice leather.
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  13. Strange comment, I read posts where you recommended Flannels, one of the reasons I called in to the new store. Anyway - point is I don’t think there’s any comparison between Coach and the old Mulberry leathers. Sorry.
    The old Mulberry leathers were amazing, but styles were getting dated. I have a Darwin leather bag that is over 10 years old and still looks great. I wish we had “old” leather and the new styles.
  14. I don't actually know why EF frequents the Mulberry forum when nothing pleases her about thd brand anymore. *INSERT APPROPRIATE SMILIE*

    Coach (IMO) is mainly over decorated.

    [/QUOTE] The old Mulberry leathers were amazing, but styles were getting dated. I have a Darwin leather bag that is over 10 years old and still looks great. I wish we had “old” leather and the new styles.[/QUOTE]

    I don't think the old leathers would suit the new style bags.