Mulberry Large Mabel - which way does the zipper on the inside pocket close?

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  1. I have just bought a large Mabel in the wonderful pebble color. The bag was bought second hand but I received the receipt and the seller said she would take the bag back if it was proved fake.
    The bag is just SO great, both the shape, the size, the slouchy look and last, but not least, the colour is fantastic!:heart:

    BUT: The zipper on the inside pocket closes from the left to the right so that the zipper pull is on the right side when the pocket is closed. I just saw a mabel on Net-a-porter and on that one, the pocket closes the opposite way. To me, the bag at the picture looks like a medium Mabel (the one which is approx. 30 cm long) although the measures is similiar to the large one.

    I am now of course a bit worried if my bag is fake. Does any of you Mabel fans out there know if there is a difference between regular and large Mabels? Your help is VERY appreciated!

    I wish you all a pleasant weekend!
  2. Hi - I have a medium purple mabel and my bags inside zip also goes from left to right - bought from shepton Mallet !!

    Hope that this helps xx
  3. I have a medium pebble, bought from Jules B, and a large red mabel, bought from the York outlet. Both of the internal zippers go from left to right, so I wouldnt worry!
  4. Maybe the photo on NAP got reversed - can you see the Mulberry logo in it?
  5. The zips on both my Mabels go from left to right.
  6. I am so sure that my Fuschia Regular does that I can't even be bothered to go and look.
  7. Thank you so much everyone, you made me really happy now!:yahoo: