Mulberry large clipper stitching

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  1. I gave my then boyfriend (now hubby!) a large clipper about 6 years ago. It was the type with full leather handles and scotch grain body. Anyway, it's lasted well, despite being on a few baggage carousels across the world. But a small section of the stitching on the zip broke about 2 years ago. We were a bit lax and only now I'm thinking about seeing if Mulberry will repair. What do you think about a bag this age??.

    Tried to upload a pic but if failed, sorry
  2. They will still repair ...price might be a lot more than it would have been 6 years ago though
  3. Thanks. I thought they might do it for free...... Is that only within the year though?
  4. Only under the guarantee period or maybe slightly longer but unlikely for a bag 6 years old