Mulberry Knightsbridge in Nude

  1. I am desperate to find the Knightsbridge in the nude (kind of caramel coloured) colourway. Can anyone help? Any ideas where I could look? UK seems to be sold out and the Singapore shop doesnt have it either. Its a Spring/Summer 07 colour.
  2. I must admit before I got an Elgin in oak,I was looking for a similar sort of color in any of the shapes,just to go with summer stuff etc,I had spent most of mid-to late summer looking and did'nt find any of the styles in that color,I'm so sorry!!!!!
  3. Are you in the UK? Or have anyone in the UK who could phone the outlets for you?
  4. ^^I agree - outlets are by far your best bet!
  5. Hi, should have said that I am in the Uk and I can do a little detective work for you,give me a detailed description and I will do my very best for you, incidentally to anyone else reading this,I am not too far away from two Dept stores that have Mulberry and a Mulberry store all within walking distance of each other,the opportunity to get out of the house with Sophie(15 months) will be a very welcome change to my days!!!!Time difference allowing,and Sophie I will try to respond as quicky as I can!!!! And for the invigilators who will read this,is it ok for me to do this? Obviously I will try to arrange with the relevant stores etc,postage and shipping so I do not handle any cash in any form,just like to help is my reason!!! xxxxxx