Mulberry Kensington

  1. Hi,
    since a long time I have my heart set on the Kensington, one of the less popular ones of the early spring collection. I recently came across this one on eBay... SUBLIME MULBERRY KENSINGTON - ANTIQUE CHOCOLATE OAK (item 200077666296 end time 11-Feb-07 21:12:14 GMT)

    well, the photos obviously aren't good, but on the other hand everything seems to be there - tree signs, serial number etc. However, the leather on the first photo looks a bit odd...

    Could anyone help me authenticate it? x
  2. The markings do all look OK but I agree - the leather does look a bit shiny. I saw this bag IRL in store and it looked more mat than this one does. The leather was substantial and thick - this bag is not the soft, slouchy style like the araline. It is a lovely bag - it was quite wide but not that deep. It may just be that these aren't good pix but I don't like the look of the leather compared to the one I saw.
  3. I'm not sure if I'll risk it. The seller only has 1 feedback. I would keep looking.
  4. Well how is it with the serial number on Mulberry purses these days?

    I've talked to Mulberrty Stockholm(Sweden) And they said that Mulberry will start to remove the serial number on their newer purses because of the counterfeits.

    I just bought a Phoebe from eBay and it dosent have any serialnumber.
  5. Thank you for the replies - exactly, this shinyness looks slightly alarming. I asked the seller for more pictures without a flash.

    I think at the moment they still put serial numbers on some - at least all the Kensingtons I saw had one.

    I was just pondering - do they fake also the unpopular ones? Would this be profitable at all?
  6. All would be profitable b/c it's so cheap to produce fakes. So even w/ not-so-popular bags, I would not doubt it completely.
  7. My experience with my mulberries is that as I use it more and more, a sheen n the leather's probably from contact with oils of my skin, mositurizer etc..

    So if this bag has been used (slightly) before, it is possible that the leather will look a little 'shiny'. For this particular bag you mentioned, it's the texture of the leather that looks a little off. Somehow, it looks a little flimsy and synthetic to me. Mulberry's signature Darwin leather has a very rich(and heavy!) 'creamy' texture (not forgeting the smell of it!Yummy!) to it that is quite easy to spot. With the quality of the pics put up by the seller in this case, it's should clear enough to be able to see that..maybe it's my failing eyesight..but I don't think I'm seeing any of the characteristics of the leather mentioned..

    I really hope this helps. Good luck with it all!
  8. The leather does look a bit flimsy, not as thick as usual, but i got my Elgin tote from a mulberry outlet, it was substandard and this was because the leather was not up to standard. It is still genuine mulberry and not a fake though! but i dont think i would have risked it from eBay.
    by the way i love the kensington too and want it now!!!
  9. Sobrattee - just a quick question, how much are bags at the Mulberry outlet (approx.)?

    I would say this Kensington, even though it's finished, is probably fake. I'd also be hesitant to buy because of the lack of feedback the seller has.
  10. Thanks to everybody's replies I decided not to bid and it seems it was the right decision - the seller didn't answer my message and the bag was taken off the site before the auction finished (by Safety and Trust Department?) Thanks :smile:

    I think Kensington is, next to Soho, the most underestimated Mulberry bag!

    I'd love to go to the outlet - there's nothing like buying cheap and genuine handbags! - but won't have time to go down to Somerset before summer :sad:
  11. Hi guys,
    If you know what you are looking for, the factory shop at Shepton Mallet will mail out to you. I've bought a few bags from them but didn't have time to go down the last time. I called them and they had the cream Soho I was looking for, posted it out and it arrived the next day. They get stock in every day so if you are after a particular bag it's worth calling them as they can stock check for you. I got my Soho for £140 below retail price as well.
  12. Hi
    I go to the outlet store in Bicester, oxfordshire,
    Shallot, i got my elgin in oak for £350. Brand new but a 'sub standard', i still dont know what is meant to be wrong with it, its fab! you get the normal mulberry guarantee too,You can also ring them as they get different bags in everyday, but dont know what they are going to be. Most of the bags are last season but the 'sub standard' are always current season. Just a bit of a drive but worth it really.
  13. The leather is way to soft to be genuine - it wouldn't ripple like that on the bottom. The grain isn't right on the bottom either - it looks like different leather on the bottom of the bag than the front. Also the picture of the Mulberry ingot is way too blurry. I'd steer clear - there are loads of fake Kensingtons on iOffer and I just wouldn't trust a seller with low feedback on ebay.
  14. ^^ I'm with curlsaloud, I have an Emmy & the Darwin leather is super stiff, and doesn't buckle, even with nothing in it. There's so many fakes out there, I'd definitely only buy from someone with a high fb (and even then, its still a risk!)