Mulberry Julie Verhoeven

  1. Looking forward to September and seeing what the Julie Verhoeven collection will be like. Saw Mischa Barton in Hello or OK wearing a printed dress with the same pattern thats on Mulberrys website. How many collabirations has Mulberry had ? I know of Luella Bartley (wish I'd had the funds for a pink Giselle) and the current Giles Deacon.
  2. I love the scarf - her prints are just right for a wintery wool scarf in black...

    Dont think I would personally buy either the bag or dress, maybe the t-shirt.
    julie_mulberry_1.jpg julie_mulberry_2.jpg
  3. i love it - am going to get the bag & the scarf.....
  4. I saw the scarf today in my Mulberry store - in grey, it was beyond gorgeous! :love: It is very big, in a thin, soft wool quality that falls beautifully. It comes in grey and in black, with the julie verhoven pattern in many colours. I fell in love and waitlisted for the black scarf that should arrive any day now - can't wait!
  5. How much is the bag?
  6. the bag is £595...not sure about the scarf...
  7. anybody have this bag already? i think i really want one :p